Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To State the Obvious...

I'm home from Arkansas and finally getting around to updating my blog.

Eureka Springs is such a lovely little holler.  It rained on the only full day we were in town but that didn't prevent me from snapping a photo or two.

The Passion Play wasn't in production on Wednesday but we visited the Christ of the Ozarks anyway.  

We never figured out how to get over to this.. ...home?...hotel?...castle?  We headed out of town--- in what we thought was the right direction---never found it.  
How can something so big be so hard to find?  I guess us flatlanders are useless in the mountains.

We found a winery with blue bottles...naturally we had to buy a blue bottle...we didn't really care what was in it...just so long as it was blue.  The poor saleswoman didn't know quite what to do with two flat-landers who didn't really care about the wine but really, really, really cared about a blue bottle!  So we bought two!

We visited the Amish furniture store and feel head over heals in love with a bunch of furniture that we couldn't afford!  

We went shopping at a really great "thift" store and I found all sorts of treasures that I couldn't live without!

As I turn these treasures around I'll try to post photos of them.  Stay tuned!!!

I think this is an egg bucket...don't quote me on that, though...I found it at a little spot where we had lunch.  I planted it as soon as I got home on Friday!

I went crazy for this little planter that I found at the thrift store...
I was a very happy shopper!

On Friday and Saturday, Johnny Mike and Cowgirl N Pearls did yard work for me.  I was a real task master.  They worked their little behinds off and made a huge difference "out back".  

(The wagon was the kids'.  They used it almost everyday to haul dirt, tote lumber, to play "refugees " and to carry the tools they used to build a raft.  I can't stand to part with it so it holds a place of honor in Doc's rose bed.)

We had a great little road trip...
we hadn't even gotten back home and we were playing our next one!  

I came home inspired, relaxed and happy!

The summer has officially started and I am officially caught up in having summer fun.  I may not get around to this blog as often as I should and I haven't even read any of my favorite blogs for over a week.   There just isn't enough time in a day!

Until I return...



Monday, May 17, 2010

Road Trip!!!

I'm going to be away from this blog for a few days.  My BFF and I are taking a road trip!  A Vay-Cay! We're packing up our cute little overnite bags and heading out!  We're leaving our families to fend for themselves and we're out of here!  

We decided for our Birthdays this year we would go somewhere.  Just the two of us.  Without spouse or kids. Alone--together!

We're heading to Eureka Springs but are planning to stop along the way wherever and whenever we want to explore.  Little towns, flea markets and / or country lanes!  I don't get to do that with "Doc" cause he is a "purposeful driver".  We were not prepared for the firestorm of jealously from our husbands. ("You are going without us?!?") Well, it wasn't exactly a firestorm but "Doc" at least sounded a little disappointed---I think that was disappointment.  It could possibly be his sheer astonishment at his good fortune! 

So we leave early tomorrow with only a destination but no other agenda...except to talk and laugh and shop and enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's Eat Cake!!

Since Friday, Doc and I have been partying fools!

Around here it's Graduation time, this will come as no surprise to any of you.  It must be Graduation time where you live also.  Around here Graduation time means cake.  It must mean Cake where you live also.  If my pants don't fit on Monday....It will be the fault of
Higher Education!!!

We began "our lost weekend" with a Birthday party on Friday night for the Lovely Lillian who turned 15!!!
The Lovely Lily is not only a dear sweet friend but also our little puppies' baby sitter!  So, of course, I had to help her celebrate by eating cake...she had made it herself after all....To not eat a piece would have been rude.  So to be polite I ate 2 pieces!!

(go ahead and gasp...any judgment you pass will be deserved...just know---it gets worse before it gets better!)

The Birthday Girl!
 Lillian with sister Leah...
Little sis...Lace
Youngest sister, Lael
And last but not least...Lawrence with a family friend
This baby is rocking the blue eyes!!

Saturday Doc and I went to over to the University on the prairie for my niece and nephew 2B's Graduation...More Cake!

As you can see from the photos...Sweet Momma and G'Pa made the journey to witness "Stacey" and "The Guy" Graduation.  We are like a bunch of tourists with our cameras...Half the time the subjects don't even know which way to look...so many cameras flashing!  
Anyway we suffered through the speeches so we could go eat...wait for it...CAKE!!!  Cupcakes this time and were they ever fantastic!  So fantastic in fact---I had two!  (I told you it got worse!)

Now for the bad news...as if the cake consumption wasn't bad enough!

It rained all day, yesterday!  I got left, all by myself, in the rain.  Now my family may tell you stories about how I was lost, how I think I know cities better than I do, how it was all my fault and to all of that I say  

Moving right along!

We came back to the little city on the edge of the Prairie just in time to go to another friend's Graduation Party!  We had so much fun.  We laughed and I told my version of being "lost" and we ate meat cooked on our friend's brand new grill! But...sadly...I didn't take any pictures.  
Maybe because it was raining or maybe cause I forgot...just like I was forgotten earlier in the day. In the rain. In that other town.

Before Doc and I left...the cake was cut!  Yippee!  One more piece for the road.  It sort of rounded out the weekend, don't ya think? 
At least, it rounded me out.  As I said earlier "If my pants don't fit on Monday, it will be the fault of higher education!  

Heading out to church...I'm not going to eat a donut during community time...I'm not!!!  
I'll be okay as long as there isn't any cake.
Please, don't let there be cake at church today...

It appears that I'm powerless over cake this weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

THIS IS WHAT..( a visual guide to my day)

This is what is sitting on my porch, patiently waiting to be planted in the rose garden. Can 7 rose bushes, 2 of which didn't survive winter, really be called a rose garden?  Oh, sure they can.  We play fast and loose with the rules around here!!

These are the replacements for the two lilly-livered cowards that gave up the ghost during our latest, mild Kansas winter!  These rose bushes have real names but lets just call them peach-y and yellow gold!  Works for me...Doc, don't get excited...we know YOU know their real names but....come on!!! You can't really expect us to remember them, can you?

This is what I've been working on today...

...the Amazing Grace plaques that I thought I might get started yesterday.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! (say that with a Gomer Pyle accent and then giggle!)  I got a couple done!

I finally found cheap rectangular frames at "the Wals-mart" ($3).  I had all the other stuff...just odds and ends don't ya know?!?  Old buttons, muslin, flower stamp and bit and pieces of fabric turned into a nice little gift, I think.

The next one I do may be a flag motif or maybe a God Bless America theme.

This is what the pattern looked like when I drew it up way back in Feb.  Now don't look so shocked...I have been known to draw up a pattern whole years before I get around to executing anything!!!

Pardon the funny looking format...I just grabbed this out of my publisher file...If I was what is known as "computer literate" I could probably make this sketch look good...but no such luck...alas, I'm clueless!!!

This is what I'm working on for my son's wedding next summer...

...a proto-type for sunflower table arrangements.

 Sunflowers in a blue Lucite glass tied up with a colorful ribbon.  Cowgirl n pearls, the lovely "Bride 2 B", liked the idea and we have tons of these glasses left over from the last family wedding..."Make it over, Make it up, Make it do or Do Without"!  sort of a family motto!  Anyway, their theme is Prairie Wedding, so Sunflowers seem in order!  Now, we're just waiting for silk sunflowers to go on sale...real, I mean REAL cheap!  Did I mention that I want them to be really cheap?

(collective sigh)
This is what I read yesterday while I was waiting for the tornado that never arrived....

I'm a sucker for an Amish romance! 

Tonight's supper is:  
  • Grilled pork chops
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Green Beans
  • Salad from the garden
          and (woe is me)...
  • sugar free jello

Today's Verse:  The name of the LORD is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.  
Proverbs 18:10
(I'm running as fast as I can, in every way that I can, every time that I can...to that fortress!)

Thanks for stopping by my lovely little cherry tomatoes!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's drab and wet and cold and...but it is Wednesday and I'm going to lunch with an old friend today! 

I'm so excited to sit in the cozy downtown coffee shop with my friend, eat salad, catch up on each other's lives and drink coffee.  Sounds like fun, huh?  I may even take my new "I'm confused, wait, maybe I'm not!" coffee mug with me...just to show it off and get a laugh...!!!  (PS...I'm not THAT excited about eating salad) 

Around my yard today....

Doc likes old rusty stuff...(explains our relationship, I guess!)

and he likes carved wooden objects...(can't really make that about me, try as I might!) I like to make everything about me, ya know!?!

Wonder what he's thinking!?!

This corner may need some attention...Look at all of that debris...
This corner is Doc's responsibility, definitely his responsibility,  can't be mine...no way!!!

I painted this little church for our feathered friends years ago...I still like to put it out next to my 
"sit yourself down and have a contemplative moment" bench!

I'm still (yes, STILL) working on a set of tea towels for my niece, the bride.  This is the third one I have done and only have 4 (four!) to go...and...my little sis, LeLe, wants a set...and...I wouldn't mind having a set myself.  I never lack for something to put on my 
TO DO list!!!  Right here would be the place that someone should say "idle hands...."!

I've also got a cute idea I want to work up that I'm calling "Amazing Grace" plaques!  I'm just going to bite the bullet and start one...maybe today when I get back from lunch...maybe....

Gotta go my little "love nuggets"!!!  

Happy Wednesday and God Bless us, everyone!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Daddy and Cowgirl TAM
Rancher Ran and Cowgirl Tam went out with us to check on the cattle and the grass!

Sweet Momma Ruth, Daddy and Coach Ron checking out Stacey's "new" love nest!!!  It will be ready!!
Speaking of Rancher Ran...here he is modeling the apron that TK made for Stacey!!! I couldn't show you this picture before because we didn't want to ruin the surprise!!!  Cute isn't it?  And it just fits!!!

Oh, I forgot to show you the Invites when they arrived!!!

Doc bought me this coffee mug for Mom's Day...and I know, I'm not his mom but he knows better than to let the day slip by without any gifts...
I love the mug...It says "I'm confused WAIT, maybe I'm not!"  Who does that sound like?  I asked him why he bought that particular mug for me.  Very diplomatically he replied "I thought you would like the colors" !!!  Sure, Doc! 

I am modeling a necklace I received from SonMarie...LOVE it!
Doc took this picture of me on Sat. as I was putting out the flag!!

 HayBee and Stacey hanging on each other's necks

Ranch Ran...I love cowboys especially when the cowboy is my brother!!!
Our Lovely Baby Lisa

Cowgirl TAM ...I have the best sis-in-laws!!!

Suzy Q and my son-n-law at Olive Garden on Sunday!

SonMarie and The Attorney...also at Olive Garden on Sunday!  We arrived at 3 in the afternoon and got seated at 5:30!!! CRAZY!!!  How badly did "The Moms" want Italian, anyway?  Pretty badly!!

That just about wraps up the weekend.  It's raining here today so I'm going to be catching up on my blog reading...
I'm about three days behind!!! 

Today's devotion:  "What will you leave at the cross and just follow Jesus?"
I'm leaving self-pity and binges.   

Blessed be the name of the LORD!

Thanks for checking in, my delightful little sugar plums!!!