Friday, February 26, 2010


I arrived in Ozland and we were concerned to hear that our nephew was suffering from a burst appendix. While his mama and daddy took him to a major metro hosp. the rest of us hung out at home...

"We built this "pole barn" on rock and roll" Just kidding about the rock and roll but "the boys" and Ga-pa did build it.

"Enough hay 'til spring...?"

"Sweet Momma Ruth waiting for Dr. Phil"

Ga-pa "reading" the paper

A very creative, loving nephew set this up and knocked it down!

A concerned Sissy looked on in horror!

The Candle Making portion of our Show!"Cold Soy wax"

Choosing the scent...Lavender it is!
"Not quite ready"

"Killing time"

"OK it's ready!"

Secure the wicks...
Carefully fill (jam) jars...

Leave to cool for 24 hours...
"What do you plan to do when TK has cooked her way through her new Pioneer Woman Cooks?"
"I hope she starts over again. Z and I don't hardly know what to do with all these great meals."

And after listening to part of the healthcare debate yesterday I thought I'd pose you a riddle...
"What do politicians and this machine have in common?"
hint: This is a manure spreader.

I'm heading back to Ozland to be closer to our nephew in the hospital. I'll post if I can.

Please keep him in your prayers!

Monday, February 22, 2010

So Long, Farewell...I'm going to Sweet Momma Ruth's!

I'm going to be away from this site for a couple of days. I certainly hope that the old adage regarding absence and growing fonder holds water. I'm going on a road trip to see Sweet Momma Ruth and Grampa Nelsie! I am so excited and I promise to take pictures. Doc and the Babies have to stay here. While there I hope to do a candle workshop, also. So long for now (cue the's something from The Sound of Music can you guess it?) "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye".

PS...And it's not true, I am not overly dramatic. I just like attention...that's all.


I'm not even sure if randomness is a word, however it didn't pop up on the spell check. Brilliant is a word Doc-2 likes to use. Since I'm usually hopelessly behind the times I'm sure the rest of you use "brilliant" all the time. I have to remind myself to use these new words...actually I really like words and love inserting new words into my old conversations for a little "spice", "pepper" or "seasoning", if you will. When Doc came home from England a few years ago he reported that "lovely" was the most common word he've been sticking "lovely" in willy-nilly ever since!

This post will be random...

I found the Cardinals.

They, with all their little "peeps", have been over at the neighbors' all along and I just, this morning, found them! Brilliant! I happened to look out the utility room window and low and behold they were all busily eating breakfast. How lovely!

I bullied Doc (and if you know Doc you know what a laugh that is...he can't be bullied, I've tried for years) into carrying up some silver plated serving ware to be used at a fund raiser for the Christian Academy. I tried to spiffy them up and rub off the tarnish before they were to be picked up at noon.

They look brilliant in this photo but up close random tarnish is visible!

KU plays tonite. Doc is picking up Johnny Mike after his last class and they are heading to Lawrence to attend the game with SonMarie Sunshine and "the Attorney"(thank you very much) and 16,000 other random people. I will be staying home with the Babies, brilliant!

This week I'm reading a "re-read". I re-read favorites. This week it is Jane Austen's lovely Persuasion. Happened to catch PBS's presentation last night and got inspired!

This week's memory verse is: (The same one 'til Wed. )
"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Ro 12:11"

For lunch we had random left overs from the brilliant weekend we shared with "the kids". It was absolutely lovely to be together again.

Oh yes...
Caught this wood-pecker raiding the suet feeder this morning.

"Does one hyphenate wood-pecker? "
"One just did. Brilliant!"

Are any of you out there enamored with Curling or is it just our house? Johnny Mike wants to quit college and go on the professional curling tour. There's reported to be tons of$ in the endorsements!:) Somehow, I doubt that "cowgirl in pearls" will be excited about this change in the "life plan". I can almost hear her now "Oh, how lovely! This plan is brilliant!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Weekend Update!

"Love Birds" (alternately titled "look what a neat picture I accidentally took")

I call this photo..."Love Birds" and if you look carefully you'll see why.
Every winter, all winter long we have, if not hundreds, at least a half dozen cardinal pairs in our backyard. Do you think I can get a picture of even One of those half dozen pairs? No, of course, not. But while attempting to get a picture of a bright red cardinal I did snap this...pretty amazing, huh?

This is a very small painting that I did in 2008 and it now resides on my co-in-law's, Suzy-Q's, family room mantle.
The inspiration for this came from a childhood memory of a gas station, I think in Ottawa. Does anyone remember this station? See on the Right hand side, where the restrooms were? That arch always reminded me of ice...I loved seeing that "ice" especially in the summer. I used to wonder what it was made out of, surely not real ice, cause it didn't melt.

Sonmarie Sunshine and son-in-law, "the Attorney", thank you very much.
We had so much fun looking at listings on the computer...I'm still smiling as I type this! Thanks for the fun, guys. Dad will see you tomorrow night! Go KU!

The "Cowgirl in Pearls" was here on Saturday showing off her new "mani", check out the rock on her finger...and don't forget to check out her blog at the link on this page.

"Can I call you Suzy-Q on my blog?"

"Wait a minute, is this going to be on your blog?"

I don't have the words to express how ridiculously adorable this picture is. My Baby Girl with her Baby Girl, Skye.

Now don't laugh, Skye is supposed to look this way. No, really. I'm serious.

We had a teeny, tiny, little, bitty trace of snow over night and all the dogs, ur...babies had a great time playing in it. Best of all, no boots or snowsuits to zip them into.

My backyard "well" under a light dusting of powdered sugar...don't I wish? I do love sugar. It's my favorite flavor.

Lastly, I wanted to show off this "face". It reminds me of an African mask but in reality it is a piece of stone work from the old Kansas City Grain Board of Trade building. It now sits, rather permanently, in Doc's rose garden. "Permanently", because Doc-2 told me rather bluntly " I hope this is where you want it 'cause I'm not moving this monster again".

That's it for now...wait a minute, hold the presses...I've just received word that Da-a-a-bey has a new blog @ Check it out, I'm going to. Just click the link and it will take you there! Happy Trails!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Less than 24 Hour Flu....mercifully

I filled the bird feeders and then hung around to see who would be coming by to eat.....

T.K. wants to do a candle workshop so... I got all the candle stuff organized and ready for a road trip.

Then I sat down to work on that fluffy baby blanket I've been knitting, 'cause I just didn't feel much like doing anything else.

Then I realized I'd better get the soup on or it wouldn't be ready when Ed got home for lunch.

That's the last thing I did before I became ill. At first I thought it must have been the chicken in the soup, but Ed was fine. I took to my sofa and moaned and groaned and alternately slept the entire afternoon and most of the evening away.

Today I am much better but I still kept to my sofa and didn't bother to do much. I did manage to collect enough energy to go to Chili's for lunch with Ed. Surprisingly, by that time I was able to eat a hamburger without the least little bit of discomfort.

Mike came home this afternoon and Sonmarie Sunshine and the son-in-law, the attorney, thank you very much, will arrive in AM. I'm going to finish this post and go back to bed so I can (hopefully) be 100% tomorrow.

Never be lacking in zeal, keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11

My memory verse for the week. Somehow I felt quite lacking in zeal these last 2 days.