Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Weekend Update!

"Love Birds" (alternately titled "look what a neat picture I accidentally took")

I call this photo..."Love Birds" and if you look carefully you'll see why.
Every winter, all winter long we have, if not hundreds, at least a half dozen cardinal pairs in our backyard. Do you think I can get a picture of even One of those half dozen pairs? No, of course, not. But while attempting to get a picture of a bright red cardinal I did snap this...pretty amazing, huh?

This is a very small painting that I did in 2008 and it now resides on my co-in-law's, Suzy-Q's, family room mantle.
The inspiration for this came from a childhood memory of a gas station, I think in Ottawa. Does anyone remember this station? See on the Right hand side, where the restrooms were? That arch always reminded me of ice...I loved seeing that "ice" especially in the summer. I used to wonder what it was made out of, surely not real ice, cause it didn't melt.

Sonmarie Sunshine and son-in-law, "the Attorney", thank you very much.
We had so much fun looking at listings on the computer...I'm still smiling as I type this! Thanks for the fun, guys. Dad will see you tomorrow night! Go KU!

The "Cowgirl in Pearls" was here on Saturday showing off her new "mani", check out the rock on her finger...and don't forget to check out her blog at the link on this page.

"Can I call you Suzy-Q on my blog?"

"Wait a minute, is this going to be on your blog?"

I don't have the words to express how ridiculously adorable this picture is. My Baby Girl with her Baby Girl, Skye.

Now don't laugh, Skye is supposed to look this way. No, really. I'm serious.

We had a teeny, tiny, little, bitty trace of snow over night and all the dogs, ur...babies had a great time playing in it. Best of all, no boots or snowsuits to zip them into.

My backyard "well" under a light dusting of powdered sugar...don't I wish? I do love sugar. It's my favorite flavor.

Lastly, I wanted to show off this "face". It reminds me of an African mask but in reality it is a piece of stone work from the old Kansas City Grain Board of Trade building. It now sits, rather permanently, in Doc's rose garden. "Permanently", because Doc-2 told me rather bluntly " I hope this is where you want it 'cause I'm not moving this monster again".

That's it for now...wait a minute, hold the presses...I've just received word that Da-a-a-bey has a new blog @ Check it out, I'm going to. Just click the link and it will take you there! Happy Trails!

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