Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm not even sure if randomness is a word, however it didn't pop up on the spell check. Brilliant is a word Doc-2 likes to use. Since I'm usually hopelessly behind the times I'm sure the rest of you use "brilliant" all the time. I have to remind myself to use these new words...actually I really like words and love inserting new words into my old conversations for a little "spice", "pepper" or "seasoning", if you will. When Doc came home from England a few years ago he reported that "lovely" was the most common word he've been sticking "lovely" in willy-nilly ever since!

This post will be random...

I found the Cardinals.

They, with all their little "peeps", have been over at the neighbors' all along and I just, this morning, found them! Brilliant! I happened to look out the utility room window and low and behold they were all busily eating breakfast. How lovely!

I bullied Doc (and if you know Doc you know what a laugh that is...he can't be bullied, I've tried for years) into carrying up some silver plated serving ware to be used at a fund raiser for the Christian Academy. I tried to spiffy them up and rub off the tarnish before they were to be picked up at noon.

They look brilliant in this photo but up close random tarnish is visible!

KU plays tonite. Doc is picking up Johnny Mike after his last class and they are heading to Lawrence to attend the game with SonMarie Sunshine and "the Attorney"(thank you very much) and 16,000 other random people. I will be staying home with the Babies, brilliant!

This week I'm reading a "re-read". I re-read favorites. This week it is Jane Austen's lovely Persuasion. Happened to catch PBS's presentation last night and got inspired!

This week's memory verse is: (The same one 'til Wed. )
"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Ro 12:11"

For lunch we had random left overs from the brilliant weekend we shared with "the kids". It was absolutely lovely to be together again.

Oh yes...
Caught this wood-pecker raiding the suet feeder this morning.

"Does one hyphenate wood-pecker? "
"One just did. Brilliant!"

Are any of you out there enamored with Curling or is it just our house? Johnny Mike wants to quit college and go on the professional curling tour. There's reported to be tons of$ in the endorsements!:) Somehow, I doubt that "cowgirl in pearls" will be excited about this change in the "life plan". I can almost hear her now "Oh, how lovely! This plan is brilliant!"

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