Thursday, April 29, 2010

Excuse me while I have an ADD moment!

Let me just say...I was never diagnosed with ADD. I don't think it existed in the 50's. I was basically called high strung! and perhaps...energetic and teachers said I couldn't pay attention...So, you might choose to call me a normal kid. Sweet Momma Ruth gets more sympathy when I write that I have A.D.D.

Now for the ADD moment:

I am always in a hurry. I can't wait to get on to the next thing. I always start magazines and books from the back. I like to make fruit bread but not yeast bread...can't stand to wait the rising time! As a kid I skipped the proofing step in math. All of this to say..."now you know why so many of my comments have typos in them...I never proof!".


While shopping with my daughter and daughter-in-law-to-be last weekend, I found some ladies panties made out of denim. "Who would want underpants made our of denim?" I asked. "Mom, that isn't underwear. Those are shorts." SonMarie calmly explained.

"Well, Good Night Nurse!"
was my only response.

Cowgirl 'n Pearls looked at me and then at SonMarie and SonMarie said, while slowly shaking her head,..."Don't ask!"

I say "Good Night Nurse" when I'm at a loss for words. I got it from Sweet Momma Ruth who told me her mom, G'ma Georgie was prone to saying it! Wouldn't it be a hoot if SonMarie someday says it to her daughter?

PS...I also vowed to never utter "Good Night Nurse" and just look at me now!

Future plans:
I'm extra excited today '
cuz tomorrow I'm going south to visit my friend Dr. M, PhD and her husband, The Gentleman Farmer. You can probably guess this but...of course, I'm planning to take my camera. I'm not sure what photos I'll bring back but they should be interesting.

Beside being professionals in the "real" world. These two have Dexter cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, guinea, horses and who knows what else has been added since my last visit!

Dr. M, PhD makes bread, cheese, butter and the best baked desserts this side of heaven! (I'm holding out hope that there are baked products there. Makes it easier to pass them up down here.) The last I heard she was also writing a book. She is a Dean at the local college and more importantly a doting

The Gentleman Farmer is semi-retired from a law practice, is remodeling their 100+ year old home, has a large garden, tends to all the animals, milks the animals and cans the produce!

When I'm around them I generally feel like a slacker!

If I can't come up with a few interesting pix I'm not worthy to call myself a blogger! Check here on Saturday...I probably won't post on Friday because I'll be too busy having fun "out in the middle of nowhere" with the barnyard animals! Stop that!! I did not just call Dr. M, PhD and The Gentleman Farmer barnyard animals!

And "in the last but not least" category:

This from today's bible study by Max Lucado...

It's not the eloquence of the prayer
but the power of the one who hears the prayer!

Love, love, love that thought!!! and---- I love you my little, sweet potato puffs!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(I added the photo later so to have a reference for myself in the future)

And what do you think of this header picture?

I really like this pitcher. (as in this pitcher in the picture). SonMarie Sunshine made it for me a few Christmases ago. She completely caught me with this pitcher. I love short little pitchers and I especially love the colors of this one!
One of my favorite items to collect are salt and pepper shakers so, this little set of the "blue bird of happiness" and her little "blue bird house" is a favorite spring feature at our table.

Finally, the cobalt blue strainer is a new purchase. I picked it up this past weekend while shopping with SonMarie and the Cowgirl 'n Pearls. It is small and I couldn't think of anything to use it for, but I loved the color. After I brought it home I remembered Strawberries! The perfect way to put a few strawberries out on the table!

I'm thinking that this header photo has more of me in it or maybe gives better insight into the things that interest me.

So, again, feel free to weigh in...I love reading your opinions!

Thanks again my little fruit loops! Blog ya later!

What'cha think?

(image added for future's amazing how short my memory is!)

Just a quick opinion poll.

Do you like the new layout/header/background?

I don't know if I do or not. I know it feels like summer and Kansas but does it feels like me? I toyed (obsessed) with it last night until I just gave up and went to bed. I'm looking for something that feels light and airy like "spring". I'll leave it alone for today and see what y'all think. (And as if I needed to tell's okay to be brutally honest.)

Thanks for being there (or here) for me, my little raspberry souffles. (Souffles are light and airy, right? get the connection?)

Love 'ya,


Monday, April 26, 2010

Be warned!!! This post has been edited!!!

(Rather than do another post today I merely edited this one. I put in some additional comments, but basically I decided to leave this up for another day or so...Jammie )

Before I get to the pictures of the move itself... "Above the Timberline" (in acrylic) is finished and framed and.....ready to go to a new home in a college town in this state.

Just a photo of my "jamjar" case any of you didn't believe that I actually signed this way!

Now... all of you sweet, sweet readers who aren't related to SonMarie and The Attorney, will probably want to just skim on down through this posting.

If you continue to read down through this post you might be bored to death and this site carries no insurance so you'll be on your own.
...Okay...You've been warned!
Proceed at your own risk!!!!

That is just to let you know that I took a lot of pictures. I had so much fun helping them move into their first "real" home--meaning not a rental---that I couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures. When I left I even found myself thanking "the Attorney" for letting me come to help!

It threatened to rain all day-but praise the Lord, it never did. It was cloudy though and I, for one, can't wait to see this home in the sunshine.

Their open door policy: Carry something and you're welcome!
"I'm here to help but I'm not actually going to lift anything!"

Suzy -Q, my co-n-law, was already inside ready to work!

Our wonderful son-n-law is the "workingest" guy I've ever seen.
Every photo I got of him all weekend...he was hard at it! Never rested for a minute!
Love that in a son-n-law!

One of their invaluable friends, Chris, who willingly worked hard all day for nothing,
but a piece of pizza!

Katie and Peter came and worked like the true friends they are.

SonMarie and the Attorney are so blessed to have such selfless friends!!
Peter and Katie on the back deck overlooking the basketball court!

Suzy-Q trying to make heads or tails of the mess of boxes!!!
... and Yes, I am the only one who didn't work lifting boxes!! All I did was unpack boxes and get in people's way!

Dad Donald worked himself into back strain!

...Or was that just a way of getting out of work?

the kitchen before Katie, Suzy-Q and SonMarie began the unpacking...
Three hours and three workers later the kitchen looked like this!!!

Front Room...A wing back chair goes where the desk chair is currently sitting.

Johnny Mike was there to help!! He is good at putting things together, like computer desks!

Dad Donald made these bookshelves. He is very handy with power tools!!

Off of the front room is the dining has a rich red wall.

"Well, lookie there, 'Above the Timberline' has found it's new home".
In the corner is the antique hutch daddy "Doc" bought for SonMarie 8 years ago. It has been waiting patiently for a place of honor for lo these eight years!

Added during editing: In the following picture you can get a good view of SonMarie's antique hutch. It is full of glorious wedding presents of crystal and silver and handpainted china that she has had packed away all these months since the wedding. Finally she is able to display their lovely gifts and even use them!!! It was like Christmas...
"Oh, look! I'd forgotten about this vase!" and "Wow, I don't think 'The Attorney' even knows we have these plates!"
Step through the dining room into the family room. The family room connects to the master on one side and kitchen on the other. It is a very easy-flow floor plan.

Sky-dog and SonMarie...taking a break!
It can be very stressful on a Sky-dog to have to move houses!!!!
She needs to stay really close to her "mamacita".
Cowgirl-n-pearls worked her feet off and her fingers to the bones!!!
These are the only pictures we have of her feet!
We found the large clock at TJ Maxx for $12!! It was one of the few things they bought new!
It looks perfect in their family room!
Gotta' love TJ Maxx!

Added during editing: As I look through these pictures I realize how hard it will be for you to truly appreciate what this house represents to this couple.
They have sacrificed many things since they started dating 8 years ago. They have resided in different states for 3 years. They were even in different continents, once!
Neither one of them has ever lived above their pay grade. They decided to forgo an engagement "rock" rather than put marriage off any longer.
SonMarie and the Attorney put themselves through seven years of college each.
Their home for the first 2 years of marriage has been a 700 foot rental that still had dirt in it from the "dust bowl" years! That rental was a 30-something year old house during the "dust bowl"!!! We're talking old, small, cramped...well, you get the picture, right?
I'm not saying that they deserve this house 'cuz none of us ever truly deserve the blessings we receive...I'm just saying that they really and truly appreciate the blessing that this home will be for them!!!

...and now on to lighter comments...
This is what Cowgirl-n-pearls looks like when I say "act natural"!

the Pink bedroom...all ready for a sweet little sweetie pie girl!!! Hopefully!

Main Bath off of front hallway!

The guest room...Little things like headboards and wall art will come later. This bed sleeps me...Doc and I slept very soundly here on Saturday night! of course we could have been dead dog tired...but wait, I didn't lift anything, remember!?!

Now let's go out back!

Deck with flower boxes ready to be planted!

Swing set and basketball goal came with the marvelous back yard!

Their new yard has many wonderful little spots, like this bird bath area!

Deck off the kitchen

SonMarie happily smiling down on her new domain!

One last picture before we leave to go home...firewood all ready for the fire they will probably need 'cuz the weather has take a turn for the nasty!

Well that's about it for today! They still have lots to do and some things still to acquire but it is very liveable just as it is. Next Sunday, she'll host Stacey's (from Backyard Chic) wedding shower in her new home. Cowgirl-n-pearls and I will go to co-hostess. Maybe I'll take some pictures of the Master bedroom and of the fully finished basement as well as all of the bridal showering.

May God bless this home with love and laughter for many years to come!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What in the world is this?

It's a close up of raindrops on chives! (Yes, my dear readers, more raindrops!)

Good news: we have lettuce for salads...

...bad news: it's still teeny tiny! How teeny tiny, do you ask?

Well, that's my pinkie in the photo! Fairly teeny tiny, wouldn't you say?

Random thoughts...

Doc says every tomato I grow costs approx. $1.97! This has to be a gross exaggeration--but even if it isn't...they're worth every penny.

Victim hood is the new Status symbol. I'm just saying.

Everyday I'm at the throne of grace, pleading and begging and whining. I remind myself praise first... God must get really tired of me. My tombstone will have to say..."HE just got tired of listening to her and so HE took her on home"!

We're all recovering from something and recovery isn't a piece of cake, though I wouldn't mind having a piece of cake. Actually, I'm recovering from too many pieces of cake!

I'm always shocked when something I grow turns out to taste as good as the grocery store's. We have a saying in our family that goes like this "we do it ourselves even if it costs more and isn't quite as good!"

When the wind blows ninety to nothing, like it is here today, I don't worry about my hair 'cause everybody's hair looks exactly like mine...windblown. That takes off all kinds of pressure!

When push comes to shove I usually get out of the way and head on home...I'm a coward like nobody's business! My dad used to say."I don't want you in any fights...I know you can run fast so you just run on home"...I still do! ---but I don't run fast anymore!!!

And finally, Doc and I are totally incompatible! I wonder if we'll even make it another 30 years! (wink-wink). I don't think anyone but us believed we'd make the first 30 years!

Well, sweetie pies, that's it for today!
We're moving "the girlie-gal"(SonMarie Sunshine) tomorrow. We're praying that the rain holds off.
Monday I'll be back here with photos of the hilarity of our family working and cooperating together to achieve a common goal! or something that loosely resembles that.

Thanks for checking in, my little honey bunnies!

I edited this posting out of concern that it sounded too negative the first time around and I was just thinking outloud--obviously I won't do that again!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rains came down as the Flood came up!

Remember this song from Sunday school? It isn't actually flooding here I'm just being a wee bit dramatic, again.
We woke up to rain. Pouring down rain. Don't get me wrong...we needed rain it's just that I had planned to work in the yard all day today.
"I should never put off til tomorrow, etc" and again "make hay while the sun
is shining" and yet another nugget of wisdom "don't count your chickens until your eggs hatch"---oh, well.
It is suppose to rain for all of today and tomorrow. So I have a morning to catch up on blog reading and to work in the house. Which one of those sounds like more fun?
If I really get ambitious I suppose I could go to Hobby Lobby and lust after something on Sale! That doesn't sound very good, does it? Okay, how does this sound? I could go to Hobby Lobby and see what's on Sale.

I just thought of something fun I can do! I'm going to go stand on the porch and see if I can catch raindrops with my new camera. I don't mean use my camera to catch raindrops but use my camera to capture images of understand, right? I don't need to further explain do I? Didn't think so. Anyhooo! If it works you'll see it here...

Okay. That was harder than I thought it would be. I don't think I caught one drop actually falling and now my batteries need replacing. So what's the secret? I suppose I'm going to have to look this up ...oh boy! I love projects!!! This one names itself doesn't it? Project Raindrop. Perfect. Now I have something to do.

You'll have to click on this one to even see the raindrops on the porch screen. I'm serious if you don't click on this one all you see is a blurry backyard. So click already! Failure #1

Now this one isn't bad of the wood grain but I was waiting for a drop to fall...everytime one did...I somehow missed it. I have about 10 of this exact photo. Failure #2

Next I tried to catch one falling from the iron fret work. I was fretting but it didn't work! Click on picture to see drops forming (or that could be my imagination) but nothing falling. Failure # 3!

My final efforts cause my batteries are low. I waited and waited for this drop to drop and just when I gave up...plomp...down it came!

This is nice cause the drop is just about to let go and the cobweb is interesting. Oh well, as I said, now I have a project "How to capture an image of a rain droplet falling".

Okay, that's all for now my little dewdrops! I'm off to research raindrops!