Friday, April 23, 2010

What in the world is this?

It's a close up of raindrops on chives! (Yes, my dear readers, more raindrops!)

Good news: we have lettuce for salads...

...bad news: it's still teeny tiny! How teeny tiny, do you ask?

Well, that's my pinkie in the photo! Fairly teeny tiny, wouldn't you say?

Random thoughts...

Doc says every tomato I grow costs approx. $1.97! This has to be a gross exaggeration--but even if it isn't...they're worth every penny.

Victim hood is the new Status symbol. I'm just saying.

Everyday I'm at the throne of grace, pleading and begging and whining. I remind myself praise first... God must get really tired of me. My tombstone will have to say..."HE just got tired of listening to her and so HE took her on home"!

We're all recovering from something and recovery isn't a piece of cake, though I wouldn't mind having a piece of cake. Actually, I'm recovering from too many pieces of cake!

I'm always shocked when something I grow turns out to taste as good as the grocery store's. We have a saying in our family that goes like this "we do it ourselves even if it costs more and isn't quite as good!"

When the wind blows ninety to nothing, like it is here today, I don't worry about my hair 'cause everybody's hair looks exactly like mine...windblown. That takes off all kinds of pressure!

When push comes to shove I usually get out of the way and head on home...I'm a coward like nobody's business! My dad used to say."I don't want you in any fights...I know you can run fast so you just run on home"...I still do! ---but I don't run fast anymore!!!

And finally, Doc and I are totally incompatible! I wonder if we'll even make it another 30 years! (wink-wink). I don't think anyone but us believed we'd make the first 30 years!

Well, sweetie pies, that's it for today!
We're moving "the girlie-gal"(SonMarie Sunshine) tomorrow. We're praying that the rain holds off.
Monday I'll be back here with photos of the hilarity of our family working and cooperating together to achieve a common goal! or something that loosely resembles that.

Thanks for checking in, my little honey bunnies!

I edited this posting out of concern that it sounded too negative the first time around and I was just thinking outloud--obviously I won't do that again!!!


  1. Wonderful raindrop photos. Maybe a little Miracle Grow on the lettuce? Just kidding. It may be little but I'll bet it's tasty.

  2. WEll, I Like your raindrop pics! That is what I am missing! I didn't pick up any chives yet! I grow those every summer!
    I read all the way down... do we need to be worried about you Jam Jar? Are you telling us that things are not so happy? If you feel like talking I'm here.

  3. Dear Garden. I read down all the way through and you are right, it does sound as if I'm wrestling with something but actually those were just things I had thought about in my devotional time today. I didn't realize how they might come across. Thank you so much for being worried about me, my friends are the best. PS...All the begging and pleading in prayer is with regard to food...the last week has been tough on the diet!

  4. Hi...Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I'm with you on the tomato bit...they are so worth it! Looking forward to another visit.

  5. Love all the sayings and cute things. Very nice.

    Love your lettuce coming up!! Have a question for you. I see you have mulch around your vegetables. We've tried that before and I'm just wondering if you notice anything with the vegetables. Last year our tomatoes and zucchini refused to do anything and we had the mulch around them. Our lettuce and green beans did fabulous and we planted these in the new beds that had no mulch. Just wondering if you any advice!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I am hear to say that I just love those raindrops on the chives....I mean it...I'm a raindrop fan!! I also admire your raised beds...I'm feeling I'm not going to get one made this year...rats....your lettuce was the best last year!! Love your random thoughts...;0)
    Miss you...
    Can't wait to hear about Sonita Maria's house and of course the family moving saga...

  7. There is nothing compared to a salad from your own garden and the satisfaction of working in the garden and all the healthy sun you get. You can not have a price tag put on it. I can not wait till tomatoe season.

  8. Here in Washington State, we are used to raindrops! (Although, just this week I heard that Alabama gets more rain than Seattle!)
    Anyway, your lettuce will love that rain and soon be big!
    Love all the thoughts! Soon, you will be almost as *incompatable* as my hubby and I! ;~} 38 years this July!
    Have a sweet day!


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