Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(I added the photo later so to have a reference for myself in the future)

And what do you think of this header picture?

I really like this pitcher. (as in this pitcher in the picture). SonMarie Sunshine made it for me a few Christmases ago. She completely caught me with this pitcher. I love short little pitchers and I especially love the colors of this one!
One of my favorite items to collect are salt and pepper shakers so, this little set of the "blue bird of happiness" and her little "blue bird house" is a favorite spring feature at our table.

Finally, the cobalt blue strainer is a new purchase. I picked it up this past weekend while shopping with SonMarie and the Cowgirl 'n Pearls. It is small and I couldn't think of anything to use it for, but I loved the color. After I brought it home I remembered Strawberries! The perfect way to put a few strawberries out on the table!

I'm thinking that this header photo has more of me in it or maybe gives better insight into the things that interest me.

So, again, feel free to weigh in...I love reading your opinions!

Thanks again my little fruit loops! Blog ya later!


  1. This is definitely you...all the beautiful colors and dishes...oh's you. This picture/pitcher is as colorful as you are. This header is a keeper! :)

  2. This one is very pretty too. I do love all the bright colors... that was one thing I loved about the barn picture too.

  3. I like it...I change my header quite often...Aunt Amelia's Attic and I kinda have a competition going on with our headers...

  4. Thank you for your help and comments...I think I'll go with the Pitcher Picture for now...until I doubt myself again and again change my mind. I change my mind the way some people change clothes...almost every day!

  5. Me again...Does anyone know why the photo doesn't quite fit in the border? Just wondering...I've got so much to learn re: blogging! I'm definitely out of here this time! Maybe... No, I really and truly am gone!...for now....

  6. Jammie,
    I had the hardest time getting my header pic to fit in the border. In fact that was the hardest blogging thing so far! That's why I haven't changed my header once! I thought you had it all figured out, as your last headers always fit. I thought it was just me.
    Let me know when you conquer it cuz I know you will!

  7. i love your cheerful header! it perked me right up.

    are you having all this wind up there? good grief,
    i'm dreading to step outside.

  8. Good morning.

    The problem (I think) is the header allows 660 pixels in width. You picture is that, BUT you also have 10 pixels of margin around that. You can either go into Edit HTML and fiddle with the numbers or shrink your picture a smidge. I thought Blogger automatically resizes, but I have had this happen as well. My blogs are "headless" right now. I used to have one on Fluffy's blog, but when I switched to a new one, I never got it back up. It was funny, our female Pekin checking out a rubber duckie.

    Hope you have a good day!

  9. Hello Jam Jar,
    Well, since I like strawberries, birdhouses, birds, and especially pitchers, the header gets my vote. It is so pretty. I like to change my header and background quite often. That is another thing besides meeting wonderful people that I like about blogging, I can decorate at the drop of a hat and not cost me anything. lol Love your new look.
    Enjoy your day, and thank you for coming by and leaving me such a sweet and encouraging comment.

  10. Jamjar-
    In answer to your comment you just left me about how to get the header the right size? I don't know! I just fiddled with it until it was sowewhat OK. If you look at mine closely, you'll see it's still not quite right. I was hoping you would figure it out and let me in on it! As far as our patient is concerned-he is doing GREAT. The verse that popped out at me yesterday and today was in Psalm 34 -about the Lord being encamped around us-boy was he ever encamped around this boy! Love ya!

  11. Hey Jam Jar,

    Your header is soooooooooooo cute. The strawberries look so yummy in that beautiful blue strainer and don't get me started on the salt and pepper shakers. They are adorable!!! Adorable I tell you, just adorable.

  12. I like strawberries so this is a keeper for me. lol


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