Friday, February 26, 2010


I arrived in Ozland and we were concerned to hear that our nephew was suffering from a burst appendix. While his mama and daddy took him to a major metro hosp. the rest of us hung out at home...

"We built this "pole barn" on rock and roll" Just kidding about the rock and roll but "the boys" and Ga-pa did build it.

"Enough hay 'til spring...?"

"Sweet Momma Ruth waiting for Dr. Phil"

Ga-pa "reading" the paper

A very creative, loving nephew set this up and knocked it down!

A concerned Sissy looked on in horror!

The Candle Making portion of our Show!"Cold Soy wax"

Choosing the scent...Lavender it is!
"Not quite ready"

"Killing time"

"OK it's ready!"

Secure the wicks...
Carefully fill (jam) jars...

Leave to cool for 24 hours...
"What do you plan to do when TK has cooked her way through her new Pioneer Woman Cooks?"
"I hope she starts over again. Z and I don't hardly know what to do with all these great meals."

And after listening to part of the healthcare debate yesterday I thought I'd pose you a riddle...
"What do politicians and this machine have in common?"
hint: This is a manure spreader.

I'm heading back to Ozland to be closer to our nephew in the hospital. I'll post if I can.

Please keep him in your prayers!


  1. Will be praying for him, I know that is not a good thing to happen. Loved the pics. of the family, you are so good at this. Funny riddle, I would of got it, but I am not familiar with farm machinery. I saw some of it too and oh my, what if,? will I will pose this at coffee ok, remind me. Safe trip back. Love Judy

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hope your nephew is OK. The candle making looks fun. :-)

  3. Thank you for all your help, these last few days, keeping our kiddos busy. I guess a little good comes from every bad and I am learning to blog in a hospital room! Love you lots and lots! lm

  4. Missing you will call, came here to find what was new and you have not been here.

  5. thanks for the encouragement ... I'm home now and planning a blog posting. Love, jamjar


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