Wednesday, March 3, 2010

...back in the saddle again!

I always have a sound track playing in my head and as I type this " Back in the Saddle" is on a continuous loop. Can you hear it? It's Gene Autry ...
I'm sorry that this blog has been stagnant for awhile. Sweet Momma Ruth doesn't have any Internet service...and I've been sort of busy. I returned from Ozland yesterday and I've spent today catching up on my laundry and my blog reading.
Here's what I did while absent from Oh, Sweet Marmalade!

Hamburgers in KU town at an absolutely fabulous place the name of which I can't remember...but I did remember to take a picture of the hamburger before I ate it! Son-n-law, "the attorney", couldn't wait and starting eating before I could get my camera out. For Pete's sake...but then again who can blame him?...Look at these luscious burgers.

And here is my sweet pea, SonMarie Sunshine, patiently waiting for me to take her pic before digging into her burger.

In Ozland, I basically helped with my nieces and nephews while their brother, "007", was in hospital. Along the way I colored, built towers, fixed honey buns, rode to pick up a hot water heater, put supper on the table, fixed hearing aids and unloaded vinyl floorcovering. All in a day's work for a Kansas gal like me.

Here is Sissy and Kitten being absolute dolls for Auntie Jammie.
And my "knight in shining armour" building me a "building better than the Alamo"!

Good Grief these are cute kiddos!

"Spiderman glasses...I need spiderman glasses!"

My "knight in shining armour"

New to "Oh, Sweet Marmalade" are Uncle D and Aunt Mimi...

Kitten adores Ga-pa and Uncle D! Aunt Mimi makes the most beautiful little hats, blankies and little socks with her magic needles! I promise to take pictures of some of her projects next time I'm in Ozland!

"Why, it's a little honey bunny patiently waiting for a honey bun!"

Da-a-a-bie had her last game of the season. This is not a picture of her game as I, sadly, got my camera out too late and had to settle for a pic of the next team to take the court. My life is filled with situations such as this.

A shout out to nephew, "007"...I'm so glad that you are finally home. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you while you were in the hospital but next time...and we'll get pictures...Okay?

So that about covers it...Nothing too exciting...But I got to see all my brothers and sundry other kin. "Doc" survived without me and so did the "babies", Spicer and Mags.

Today was very spring-like with 53 degree weather. The "babies" and I took a walk. "Doc" went to the Kansas basketball showdown.

"What did I eat today?"
(For TK who pointed out that I had not been posting this on a regular basis)

B: Bagel
L: chicken Sammie at Quiznos
D: bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream
Look, now you know why I have skipped this lately. I mean really, ice cream for dinner? Sad but true. Tomorrow I'll try to do better. At least, I left the chocolate syrup off.

By the way, I wouldn't be nearly so far off track if TK hadn't made The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and forced me to eat one, or three of them. Marvelously delicious!

As I sign off "Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?" by the Stadler Brothers is playing on that annoying soundtrack in my mind. Happy Trials!


  1. You're back, you're back, you're back!!! YIPPEE!! I missed've been here with me! HA! I'm glad you're back with the Doc and babies. They need you! I think Darb accomplished my blog for me..literally! I'm at thesweetseasons....I'm mentally worn out trying to figure that craziness out...That's why God blessed me with Daaaabey.

  2. What a great blog! Love all the pictures of you spending time with your family. Would love to make candles one day soon! How is your nephew? Enjoy your day!

  3. Time with family is always special. Such cuties! Glad your nephew is home from the hospital. That burger does look wonderful!

  4. oh my!! Sissy looks SOO grown up in the picture of her, dad, and the knight!! great pics auntie! :)


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