Thursday, March 4, 2010

This could be me....

...if I were young, if I were thin and if I enjoyed cleaning. I do adore retro kitchens. And I like the car in the driveway. I did start my wedded-life with Revere Ware (copper bottomed cookware) but "butter-my-bottom and call-me-a-biscuit" if I don't DESPISE spring cleaning! I've noticed lots of other bloggers rhapsodizing about spring cleaning. Pu-u-u-l-e-e-z! If we can survive 'til spring we'll make it 'til Fall without cleaning, 'cause we're rarely indoors during the spring and summer!
Now I'll admit that from time to time I'll look around and think "Boy howdy! this place needs cleaning" but if I'm patient and re-focus I'm usually successful in pushing these pesky little annoying thoughts into the deep recesses of my mind and am able to continue on blissfully footloose and guilt free!
When Fall rolls around I'll think about cleaning closets and washing baseboards but for right now there are just too many fun things to do...
I'm off to walk the babies, hang out laundry and go to dinner with friends! Blog ya later!


  1. That picture is sooooo you ...yes siree bob tail. I do believe you and June Cleaver could be sisters!!

  2. I am so with you on the Spring cleaning thing-I'll wait for Fall too! Only it's not because of all the "fun things" I'm doing, just that walking around with a bottle of spray bleach in my hand attempting to rid my house of the sickies-kinda burnt me out on the whole cleanin' thing. Love you and love your blog. You are such an inspiration.

  3. I'm with makes me so tired just thinking about "spring cleaning"!!!!!! I did a little today, but it just seems to never end and it's easier to say "why bother?"!! But I shall soldier house, after winter and the dogs inside all that time is so dirty! Thanks for poppin' in to my blog and I'm looking around yours and am getting to "know" you! Have a great day tomorrow...!


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