Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To State the Obvious...

I'm home from Arkansas and finally getting around to updating my blog.

Eureka Springs is such a lovely little holler.  It rained on the only full day we were in town but that didn't prevent me from snapping a photo or two.

The Passion Play wasn't in production on Wednesday but we visited the Christ of the Ozarks anyway.  

We never figured out how to get over to this.. ...home?...hotel?...castle?  We headed out of town--- in what we thought was the right direction---never found it.  
How can something so big be so hard to find?  I guess us flatlanders are useless in the mountains.

We found a winery with blue bottles...naturally we had to buy a blue bottle...we didn't really care what was in it...just so long as it was blue.  The poor saleswoman didn't know quite what to do with two flat-landers who didn't really care about the wine but really, really, really cared about a blue bottle!  So we bought two!

We visited the Amish furniture store and feel head over heals in love with a bunch of furniture that we couldn't afford!  

We went shopping at a really great "thift" store and I found all sorts of treasures that I couldn't live without!

As I turn these treasures around I'll try to post photos of them.  Stay tuned!!!

I think this is an egg bucket...don't quote me on that, though...I found it at a little spot where we had lunch.  I planted it as soon as I got home on Friday!

I went crazy for this little planter that I found at the thrift store...
I was a very happy shopper!

On Friday and Saturday, Johnny Mike and Cowgirl N Pearls did yard work for me.  I was a real task master.  They worked their little behinds off and made a huge difference "out back".  

(The wagon was the kids'.  They used it almost everyday to haul dirt, tote lumber, to play "refugees " and to carry the tools they used to build a raft.  I can't stand to part with it so it holds a place of honor in Doc's rose bed.)

We had a great little road trip...
we hadn't even gotten back home and we were playing our next one!  

I came home inspired, relaxed and happy!

The summer has officially started and I am officially caught up in having summer fun.  I may not get around to this blog as often as I should and I haven't even read any of my favorite blogs for over a week.   There just isn't enough time in a day!

Until I return...




  1. I so want to see the Passion Play!

    Okay..many of you blogging ladies visit thrift stores and have such luck. I visited a Salvation Army thrift store and was disappointed. Where do I shop? Not in my town apparently.

  2. Yea...you're home, your home...Auntie Em (J). I've missed you blogging and I've missed you in person. I think your trip sounds so much fun and I know how much fun it is to be on a trip with you. BFF had a blast with you I'm sure. Your treasures are great and you'll always love thinking of this trip when you look at them. Did you make it to our favorite little store? Can't wait to hear all about the trip in person and see more pics. Again....WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!! :0)

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing trip! You are also a very talented photographer - love your photos!

    I have always wanted to visit an Amish shop . . .maybe one day. By the way, the wagon is adorable - looks perfect in the rose garden.

    Have a great Wednesday!


  4. Love Eureka Springs! Great finds!


  5. Welcome home!!! Glad you had a great time and I can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. so glad you had a nice trip....love the photos....

  7. Eureka Springs is a lovely place to visit. I haven't been in awhile and am very curious about that big home, hotel, castle, whatever. It doesn't look like the big hotel on the hill that we have stayed in but maybe it is and they've added on? Although that hotel wasn't hard to find. Hmmmm. I may have to talk my hubby into a trip over there.

    Love all the purchases you made - especially the bowl with the pink flower (?) on it and the egg basket.

  8. Welcome Home! Nothing like a trip to the ozarks to inspire! You inspire ME! Love ya!

  9. You have a beautiful garden! Love all the different planters you use! Love your finds and can't wait to see what you turn them into! Enjoy your day!

  10. What a fantastic trip!! So much prettiness to see!!

  11. I am so glad you had a great vay-cay. Your treasures look amazing and I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of them. Your garden looks so relaxing...keep sharing it with us pleeeeaaaaasssssseeeee! Have a great day.


  12. You're home! :)

    We're loading up the car now and heading your way! Just kidding, but soon I think?

    Mama needs some flower shopping and poolside (water or waterless) therapy. Throw in a trip to Sam's for goodies and she'll be back in business!

    I'm working on your "List of Duties", we'll see what you think!

  13. Welcome back. Your house and your garden are beautiful. I am enjoying your photo's and the goodies you brought back. I have a brown pitcher just like the one in your photo. Visit when you can. :) Dee

  14. Welcome home! I was looking forward to hearing about your trip. Will be watching for more wonderful photos.

    LOVE the planters. Yeah, I'm partial to cool planters, too... us gardeners are like that, huh! I would love to be able to buy Amish-made goodies, too!

    Wow, too bad you couldn't "find" that... building! That would have been soooooo interesting!

    Have an awesome and safe Memorial weekend!

  15. My family and I have been through NW Arkansas several time as we have made our military-cross-country moves. I am always amazed at how beautiful it is!

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  16. I found your blog today though Farmgirlcyn's blog and had to comment when I saw the post was about my favorite little town! Eureka Springs!! I grew up vacationing there with my parents and just this past Christmas season stopped there for a few days with my own family, none of which had ever been before. The hotel you photographed in called The Cresent Hotel. I have stayed there many times and it is beautiful! To get there you would have had to follow the historic loop - basically the road to the hospital. You would have passed the hospital and winded your way around eventually coming to the parking lot. Loved all your photos!

  17. THANKS for visiting and following Thistle Cove Farm. I'm glad you did 'cause it led me here and I'm now a happy follower of yours.
    Yes, I did take the header photo and that's the view I see from our sun room. Lovely, isn't it? I never tire of that view.
    Oh, we are so alike! I'll read anything and everything except total trash...you know what I mean. I love reading the dictionary, etc. Anything to cause sparks in the old noggin.
    I couldn't respond to your comment; you've got "no reply" turned on. I've been trying to find out how to change that but, thus far, no success. I'm such a computer ejit!
    Come back soon; you're always welcome at Thistle Cove Farm!


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