Monday, May 17, 2010

Road Trip!!!

I'm going to be away from this blog for a few days.  My BFF and I are taking a road trip!  A Vay-Cay! We're packing up our cute little overnite bags and heading out!  We're leaving our families to fend for themselves and we're out of here!  

We decided for our Birthdays this year we would go somewhere.  Just the two of us.  Without spouse or kids. Alone--together!

We're heading to Eureka Springs but are planning to stop along the way wherever and whenever we want to explore.  Little towns, flea markets and / or country lanes!  I don't get to do that with "Doc" cause he is a "purposeful driver".  We were not prepared for the firestorm of jealously from our husbands. ("You are going without us?!?") Well, it wasn't exactly a firestorm but "Doc" at least sounded a little disappointed---I think that was disappointment.  It could possibly be his sheer astonishment at his good fortune! 

So we leave early tomorrow with only a destination but no other agenda...except to talk and laugh and shop and enjoy!

  (I just found this little broken page icon at the top on my tool bar and I'm playing with it!  Just for fun!  I can't see that is does anything to the published post, though.)
Later that same day...oops! I found out what that broken page things does...problem is...I can't figure out how to delete it, now.

On Friday I stopped at a garage sale and found a couple of little treasures...

I'm thinking geraniums in this lidded picnic basket!

The enamel ware dipper is in excellent condition and I love short, fat little pitchers...this green one was a deal at $3.00.
(The baby powder can is only a replica but I think it might be cute in a changing table area, maybe holding Q-tips!)
I'm disappointed with the photo of my vintage apron looks much better in person.  The fabric is a very 50's gray and red and a very flattering pattern. 
I tried to get Doc to model it---like my brother modeled that other apron--- he declined..."I'm not into my inner housewife"!  What a surprise!

I feel guilty because I've been so busy eating cake that I haven't done any blog reading or answering of comments...I hope to get to that this afternoon!

It's been cool and rainy here for at a least week.  Yesterday it did stop raining long enough for Doc to mow the backyard with his handy dandy motor-less mower.

In the foreground are some of my raised garden beds. 
The garden is doing great with all his rain but now we need some sun!
I'm growing my radishes in my "flower well" and I'll follow the radishes with zinnias, hopefully!

 (Doc doesn't like radishes...I'm eating as many as I can, as fast as I can...
Maybe I planted too many?!?)

Today's devotional thought:  "In worship we take our mind off ourselves and set it on God."
                                                                    Max Lucado
Put a positive spin on being outside of yo


  1. Never really cared for radishes here. They are pretty, though. My husband is a purposeful driver, so spur of the moment stops don't happen. I did get a funny picture yesterday on the road, but it was only because it was our third time that way and I was able to ask him to slow down before getting there. We have a reel mower, but it's blades need sharpening. It doesn't help when a little one decides to mow snow with it in the winter. :)

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Sorry I haven't been on the blog for a few days... I don't know if I will ever get caught up with all the posts my friends have put on here, but I'm trying for a few minutes this morning... looks like you have so busy! Tea towels and plaques.graduations and birthdays, cake and more CAKE!!. Your trip to and from ES sounds like it will be loads of fun!!! Have a great time and see you when you get back.
    PS- I love all the goodies you found at the garage sale! Especially that little green teapot!

  3. Have fun! Love ya! Got my sweater-Thanks!

  4. "I'm jealous" is all I'm saying. :0) Well maybe I luv ya and I'll miss ya and I can't wait to see ya....but I'm sticking with the I'm jealous thing too!!

  5. This little trip of yours sounds terrific!!! Friends fill a heart with joy and laughter sooooo I'm guessing you will be busting at the seams. Have a great time girlfriend and come back with lots of pics and stories!

  6. Have fun, will miss you and stay out of trouble!
    Can't wait to see what you did.


  7. Have an absolutely wonderful time and I, too, am jealous as heck! I can't even begin to imagine what a road trip with just a pal would feel like!

  8. Have a wonderful trip. Eureka Springs is a wonderful destination. Be sure to post all about your great adventure. I haven't seen a motorless mower in years and years.

  9. you are invited to follw my blog

  10. Have fun and don't forget your camera! :)

  11. Are ya back yet? Oh, guess not. Otherwise you'd be posting photos. Hope you're havin' an awesome time!

    (I had my dad's push mower until a few years ago. Still worked, too!)


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