Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's Eat Cake!!

Since Friday, Doc and I have been partying fools!

Around here it's Graduation time, this will come as no surprise to any of you.  It must be Graduation time where you live also.  Around here Graduation time means cake.  It must mean Cake where you live also.  If my pants don't fit on Monday....It will be the fault of
Higher Education!!!

We began "our lost weekend" with a Birthday party on Friday night for the Lovely Lillian who turned 15!!!
The Lovely Lily is not only a dear sweet friend but also our little puppies' baby sitter!  So, of course, I had to help her celebrate by eating cake...she had made it herself after all....To not eat a piece would have been rude.  So to be polite I ate 2 pieces!!

(go ahead and gasp...any judgment you pass will be deserved...just know---it gets worse before it gets better!)

The Birthday Girl!
 Lillian with sister Leah...
Little sis...Lace
Youngest sister, Lael
And last but not least...Lawrence with a family friend
This baby is rocking the blue eyes!!

Saturday Doc and I went to over to the University on the prairie for my niece and nephew 2B's Graduation...More Cake!

As you can see from the photos...Sweet Momma and G'Pa made the journey to witness "Stacey" and "The Guy" Graduation.  We are like a bunch of tourists with our cameras...Half the time the subjects don't even know which way to many cameras flashing!  
Anyway we suffered through the speeches so we could go eat...wait for it...CAKE!!!  Cupcakes this time and were they ever fantastic!  So fantastic in fact---I had two!  (I told you it got worse!)

Now for the bad if the cake consumption wasn't bad enough!

It rained all day, yesterday!  I got left, all by myself, in the rain.  Now my family may tell you stories about how I was lost, how I think I know cities better than I do, how it was all my fault and to all of that I say  

Moving right along!

We came back to the little city on the edge of the Prairie just in time to go to another friend's Graduation Party!  We had so much fun.  We laughed and I told my version of being "lost" and we ate meat cooked on our friend's brand new grill! But...sadly...I didn't take any pictures.  
Maybe because it was raining or maybe cause I forgot...just like I was forgotten earlier in the day. In the rain. In that other town.

Before Doc and I left...the cake was cut!  Yippee!  One more piece for the road.  It sort of rounded out the weekend, don't ya think? 
At least, it rounded me out.  As I said earlier "If my pants don't fit on Monday, it will be the fault of higher education!  

Heading out to church...I'm not going to eat a donut during community time...I'm not!!!  
I'll be okay as long as there isn't any cake.
Please, don't let there be cake at church today...

It appears that I'm powerless over cake this weekend!


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your day. :)


  2. Poo! I missed the cake at Stacey and G.G's graduation. R-Dubya got sick, don't ya know. But what with the grad parties and showers and wedding coming up I'll get more than my fill(of cake)! Soooo looking forward to it! PS Tell SonMarie I may have to stop by some day and pick up my sweater. Missing it dearly. And missing you (and the cake)!

  3. We had a graduation celebration this weekend (Grandson #1) but we didn't have cake. We opted for cookies. So you can eat more than even 2 cookies - right? I sure hope so because I think I had 3 or 4.

  4. We went to no graduations, nor ate any cake. We did eat ice cream yesterday. Does that count? Today we had banana cream pie after dinner. Have to get in that fruit one way or another. ;)

  5. Thank you thank you for sharing L and GG's day with them. It really meant a lot to them. You and Doc are soooooo generous and thoughtful. They love you dearly and so do I. You are so busy and on the goodness that was a lot of partying!!! But if there is cake at the end of every party...I say GO! As we say at our house..."Ding! Round ten is about to begin!"

  6. Oh, dear! I think I gained 2 lbs. just reading about all the cakes! I went to a bridal shower this weekend and had my share of cheeseCAKE! I don't have to wait until Monday ~ I know my pants don't fit today! But it was soooo good!
    Be Blessed!

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. You absolutely crack me up gal!! Every time I look at a piece of cake I am going to think about you and laugh!! Of course I WILL NOT laugh about the being "lost" in the the rain...alone. That wouldn't be nice. :o)

    Hope your week is wonderful! Thanks for the smiles! You're such a delight!! And I love all of the photos!!


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