Thursday, May 13, 2010

THIS IS WHAT..( a visual guide to my day)

This is what is sitting on my porch, patiently waiting to be planted in the rose garden. Can 7 rose bushes, 2 of which didn't survive winter, really be called a rose garden?  Oh, sure they can.  We play fast and loose with the rules around here!!

These are the replacements for the two lilly-livered cowards that gave up the ghost during our latest, mild Kansas winter!  These rose bushes have real names but lets just call them peach-y and yellow gold!  Works for me...Doc, don't get excited...we know YOU know their real names but....come on!!! You can't really expect us to remember them, can you?

This is what I've been working on today...

...the Amazing Grace plaques that I thought I might get started yesterday.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! (say that with a Gomer Pyle accent and then giggle!)  I got a couple done!

I finally found cheap rectangular frames at "the Wals-mart" ($3).  I had all the other stuff...just odds and ends don't ya know?!?  Old buttons, muslin, flower stamp and bit and pieces of fabric turned into a nice little gift, I think.

The next one I do may be a flag motif or maybe a God Bless America theme.

This is what the pattern looked like when I drew it up way back in Feb.  Now don't look so shocked...I have been known to draw up a pattern whole years before I get around to executing anything!!!

Pardon the funny looking format...I just grabbed this out of my publisher file...If I was what is known as "computer literate" I could probably make this sketch look good...but no such luck...alas, I'm clueless!!!

This is what I'm working on for my son's wedding next summer...

...a proto-type for sunflower table arrangements.

 Sunflowers in a blue Lucite glass tied up with a colorful ribbon.  Cowgirl n pearls, the lovely "Bride 2 B", liked the idea and we have tons of these glasses left over from the last family wedding..."Make it over, Make it up, Make it do or Do Without"!  sort of a family motto!  Anyway, their theme is Prairie Wedding, so Sunflowers seem in order!  Now, we're just waiting for silk sunflowers to go on sale...real, I mean REAL cheap!  Did I mention that I want them to be really cheap?

(collective sigh)
This is what I read yesterday while I was waiting for the tornado that never arrived....

I'm a sucker for an Amish romance! 

Tonight's supper is:  
  • Grilled pork chops
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Green Beans
  • Salad from the garden
          and (woe is me)...
  • sugar free jello

Today's Verse:  The name of the LORD is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.  
Proverbs 18:10
(I'm running as fast as I can, in every way that I can, every time that I that fortress!)

Thanks for stopping by my lovely little cherry tomatoes!


  1. Those plaques are pretty. You have beautiful handwriting. Mine is woefully sloppy and to think I have the neatest of all my siblings. I've been doing a bit of "old Fashioned" letter writing lately and everyone who mails me back always has nice readable handwriting.

    I tried a miniature rose bush once and in the summer it thrived, but didn't come back in the spring. It looked very similar to your top on.

    It is still toooo cold here to get my plants out. I am really eager.

    So? Are sunflowers your favorite? We like them a lot here and tend to have some planted by ground squirrels who steal bird seed. If they are not in the middle of the year where Papa would mow them, we let them grow.


  2. Good Night Nurse!! hee hee Auntie L... You are a busy beaver!! I love those here's your can either HELP me make one or just slip one on my wall or mantel. :) What in the world has gotten in to are like a crafting whirlwind! I'm panting just reading your blogs! You go girl!

  3. P.S.
    I'll take the yellow checked plaque!!! (Isn't that how you get them both, Lace?) :0)

  4. I love the sound of your day...very productive, very creative, and I'm on my way for supper. You're even having sugar-free Jello?! You're good!

  5. Yellow roses are my absolute favorite. I hope those rose bushes do well for you and I will see many pictures of them in the future.

    Your amazing grace plaques are beautiful! You are a lady of many talents I see. Hugs

  6. Oh I love those plaques, but I DID NOT SAY "I want one." this time ;) Love ya! Oh and you CAN count roses that aren't planted yet a garden. I know cause I have a pink one just like that!

  7. I love your Gomer Pyle sunflowers...what a unique idea..a prairie cool

  8. You are just so full of surprises! I LOVE those plaques! And at least you finish your projects! I start things then loose interest before they are finished and that is how they remain! I have a few quilts that have never been finished ~ used them anyway and some are wearing out!
    The roses are beautiful ~ mine don't survive the deer! I would say one rose makes a garden!
    And the Sunflowers are sweet! You are a busy bee!
    MMmmm! Enjoy your delicious pork chop dinner and...
    Be Blessed!

  9. Yeah, what was up with those tornados yesterday?! Get within 10 miles and *poof*.... hmmm, kinda funny if ya ask me.

    Mmmmmmmm, pork chops. *drool* Oh sorry...

    Your embroidery is AWESOME! I bet you could sell those EASY!

    I call ONE rose a rose garden. Hehe ;)

  10. precious are those plaques! Amazing Grace happens to be a fovorite around here. I tear up everytime my sweet husband begins to play the tune.

    The roses are beautiful!!! I have a small rose garden but nothing has EVEN come close to forming a bud. It has been so cold! Next week...MAYBE!

    Have a great evening!

  11. Love the roses!! The plaque is beautiful!! i love the Amish books myself!! My sister and I have read loads!! Have you read any Lori Wick or Francin Rivers?? They are so good too! Not Amish, but Christian novels!!

  12. Love the stitchery you made!!! And I saw that book when I was in the book store a few weeks ago and wanted to get it but picked out something else. Did you enjoy it?

    Love the sunflower theme for your son's wedding!!! You're very talented!

  13. Hi JamJar. Just stopping by to let you know that I have an award for you over at my Hot Flashes From Hell blog...stop on by if you get a chance! ☻

    And I love your stitchery projects...I never thought of sketching them out first. That would sure help me keep things in a straight line!

  14. I love this Amazing Grace that you are working on! I think I may have to make one myself.

    Thank you for joining my blog followers. I hope I can keep you entertained. Your blog is wonderful!

  15. I just love your blog!!! You make me laugh - and I need a good laugh!

    In my opinion, one rose makes a rose garden - they are lovely, and so are their names.

    I think the plaques are beautiful - thanks for the instructions - who would not love one as a gift!

    So glad the tornado didn't get you! But, you got to read your book, and that's a big plus. I love Amish romance, and Plain Promise was one of my favorite reads. Dinner sounds great too. My soon to be in-laws are taking my husband and I out to dinner - should be interesting! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    Have a wonderful week-end.


  16. Well--I'm just going to say it.
    "I want one of those plagues!" They are really great. Especially the first one.

    Have a super weekend!


  17. Hello Dear Friend, How great to catch up, I have been visiting our daughter and family in Texas,. Love the plaques, now you can just ship those roses down here, if you want. lol. They are beautiful. I love the prairie theme for a wedding, our son is getting married this summer and they are having their wedding in a barn, can hardly wait.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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