Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's drab and wet and cold and...but it is Wednesday and I'm going to lunch with an old friend today! 

I'm so excited to sit in the cozy downtown coffee shop with my friend, eat salad, catch up on each other's lives and drink coffee.  Sounds like fun, huh?  I may even take my new "I'm confused, wait, maybe I'm not!" coffee mug with me...just to show it off and get a laugh...!!!  (PS...I'm not THAT excited about eating salad) 

Around my yard today....

Doc likes old rusty stuff...(explains our relationship, I guess!)

and he likes carved wooden objects...(can't really make that about me, try as I might!) I like to make everything about me, ya know!?!

Wonder what he's thinking!?!

This corner may need some attention...Look at all of that debris...
This corner is Doc's responsibility, definitely his responsibility,  can't be way!!!

I painted this little church for our feathered friends years ago...I still like to put it out next to my 
"sit yourself down and have a contemplative moment" bench!

I'm still (yes, STILL) working on a set of tea towels for my niece, the bride.  This is the third one I have done and only have 4 (four!) to little sis, LeLe, wants a set...and...I wouldn't mind having a set myself.  I never lack for something to put on my 
TO DO list!!!  Right here would be the place that someone should say "idle hands...."!

I've also got a cute idea I want to work up that I'm calling "Amazing Grace" plaques!  I'm just going to bite the bullet and start one...maybe today when I get back from lunch...maybe....

Gotta go my little "love nuggets"!!!  

Happy Wednesday and God Bless us, everyone!!!


  1. Ok! Number one- would you stop taking me literal when I say "I want one..." I just mean, I would like to find a set like that some day and I DO NOT expect you to make me one! KAY?

    Number two- your pictures are GORGEOUS!

    Number three- Your coffee mug reminds me of my favorite line in Finding Nemo-when Dora says:
    "I suffer from short term memory loss, It runs in my family. At least I think it does...Where ARE they?" Ha! I crack up at that one every time. My kids just look at me like...huh?...
    STOP looking at me that way-Jammie!

  2. It is hot, humid and cloudy here. I hope you had a great time with your friend at the coffee shop. Your yard is beautiful! Hugs

  3. oh, i love your bird house and tea towels! your
    niece will be thrilled. i will always treasure the
    ones my grandma made me!

    let me know what you think of 'thistle cove farms.'
    oh, the view!!!!!

  4. Lunch with a friend is just the best, isn't it?

    Your tea towels are adorable! I love old fashioned things like that. :)

  5. Hope you had a great lunch with the friend and fun in the yard. You commented on my Change in a Bottle post today and asked where I found the money. This was actually part of a new Saturday thing over at Jenny Matlocks..her link is in the post. She starts a story and you add to it..So I really didn't find that money....
    Thanks for stopping by and I'll come back to visit again also (o:

  6. It's been chilly here, too. Brrr... I should wear my Snuggie. :)
    About the "Kiss of Deaf", that's the name of the article. Sounds a little off if you ask me. :P Did you read the article?

    There was something you asked me in a post and I cannot remember what now. If I do this, just try and remind me. I don't do this on purpose. :)

    Hope you have a good evening.

  7. It's been cold and rainy here as well. A great day to put that coffee mug to good use! Hope you had a great time at lunch with your friend and caught up on life. What a gift friendship is!!!

  8. I hope you had a blast at the coffee house. Fun fun fun!! Let's have a embrodering;spe,qskdy (how ever you spell that!) party sometime where we just sit and chat and do needlework. Seeing all your goodies around the yard makes me anxious to get out to visit. We love love love coming to Resort on the Prairie!!! Love you and miss you. Why is finding time always a battle?

  9. That tea towel you're working on could be one my mama embroidered for herself so many years ago! She made the whole 7-day set. I still had them for a few years after she died... but I used them and used them, and well, you know... only so many uses with fabric. Ah well. They were greatly loved.

    I have never been to a coffee house. Well, I don't drink coffee. Guess that might be why. LOL!

    We've had cold and rainy, too... and tornado-y and hail-y and wind-y and all of that junk alllllllll week. Spring in Kansas. Never a dull moment.

    LOVE the bird house! I've been thinkin' on doin' that to a couple of ours to spruce them up. They are so run down I think they're scaring the poor birdies away. :p

    Have a great Thursday tomorrow! =)

  10. Love the rusty stuff too! I think that says you're just a down to earth person, right?

    What a great family you have! :)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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