Sunday, June 27, 2010

What to do in Kansas when it's really, really hot!

It's been work week in "the yard that is never quite done"!

First I painted outdoor furniture...
"I like everything and anything with a coat of white paint"

Vintage deck chairs "decked" out in white paint and new red striped cushions.  I couldn't find narrow enough cushions so I fashioned these using grommets and nylon cording.
How do they look?

 Doc wanted to paint the back doors red---so red they are!



Cowgirl-n-Pearls and I, your lovable host, painted chairs and doors, pulled weeds, picked up pine cones, swept up debris, fought wasps and swam.  We got great tans and chiggers!  
Oh, joy!

For those of you who follow Pioneer Woman Blog, you will recall her tutorial on how to build fence on a working ranch.
Well we have a little tutorial of our own...

"How to Replace Fence When it's 105 Degrees in the Shade"
First:  It is important not to start until around noon or so.
Secondly:  Leave the new building materials in every one's way so that all work in the immediate area is impeded. 
Then:  When it is hot enough to fry an egg, start measuring and cutting ... take frequent breaks to jump in the pool.
Lastly  (and this is very critical to the process): Screw the lattice securely into place and then realize that the gate bolts have yet to be installed and you'll have to remove the lattice.  

Put tools away and start over again tomorrow.

This is my next project:  Put a coat of paint on this old light fixture so it can be hung on the back porch.

  It has been a busy week around the "casa" this week. 
I am aware that most of you have completed your spring projects and are just relaxing and enjoying your backyard spaces now.  I only have this to say about that---

"How can you really appreciate your yard work if you haven't about killed yourself getting it done?" 

We're off to church and then home again to finish up yesterday's fence project!!!!  

 That's it for now my cute little lady bugs!

Love, Jammie


  1. LOL! That is sort of like....assemble the babies crib in the living room and then discover it won't fit through the door to the babies bedroom, so take it apart and reassemble in the babies room. :-)
    What kind of paint did you use on your outdoor metal furniture? I think I am going to have to repaint my table sometime this summer.
    I LOVE that old lighting fixture. What a treasure!
    It sounds like you are almost done with the projects and will be able to just relax and swim, and putter in your garden after this. Have a good day my friend!

  2. Glad to know that there are still friends who are still getting projects completed.
    I'm behind due to all of Ken's health issues
    (not blaming him) but it has put both of us behind.
    Oh well, as I have said before "there's always
    next year!"
    Your doors are beautiful--red is one of my fav
    colors. Sometime soon I'll get to my projects.
    Of course, it mihgt help if I would stop seeing things at garage sales that I "need."

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  3. Pretty yard and I like how you set it up for the herbs and stuff. I'd be in the pool 24/7. I love to swim!

  4. my husband is on the 10 year plan for usually takes that long to get them completely done...LOL

  5. I guess I had lived too long with "Apartment White" that I really do not appreciate it much any more. :D I do like those doors. I am eager to see your new project completed.

    We are finally going to see a cool down tomorrow. Now, that is if we can believe the weather guys.

  6. I can certainly relate to that....I'm all thumbs in the kitchen and the fix-it shed. (I am, however, killer with a hammer. But that's about it.) Hot here in Oklahoma, too, but after that gullywasher a week or so ago, the yard washed down the street, so a crew is coming to install french drains, more dirt, and a layer of sod. Busy week for us, but thankfully I don't have to lift a finger. Except to poor a glass of wine. :) Hope your weekend ended that way, too.


  7. Oh, and I love, love, love those red doors!

  8. Auntie J...You and the fam have been so busy...My oh my!! Love everyone of the doors are wowie wowie wow!! Can't wait to see that chandelier turn into a masterpiece!!
    Love you!

  9. I am visualizing a pool party soon? Yes? HA! Love the updates-leave it to you- to make something so great even better. Wouldn't have thought it possible! Love ya!

  10. A coat of white paint does wonders! Love the table, chairs and deck chairs. That light fixture is going to look Won-Der-Ful! when it's done.

  11. I have to say your fence project gave me a laugh. :) I love the red doors and your chairs look very nice. The fence looks great too, hope you got the gate up. Hugs

  12. Giggling here ;) Your projects sound much like ours and I love the tutorial. I probably have that same tutorial somewhere in our files! All your projects are looking great! Enjoy


  13. I love what you do on your blog,I have two light fixture just like yours ,a store across the street from my store changed decor and the owner gave them to me I love them. take care theodora

  14. I love the color red, so this post is so fun to read! Your white deck chairs with the red cushions are to die for. Very nice job!

  15. You sure have a nice home. I love the redo of the deck chairs.It is amazing what a little paint and some creative ideas can do for a home.I hope you have a safe and happy fourth of JUly. Dee


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