Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Excuse my laziness...

I've been overcome with summer-itis!!!  I can't get on any regular routine!  I want to spend everyday on vacation!  I can't discipline myself to get my daily chores done!  The weeds in the garden mock me while my good intentions are paving a path to "you know where"!!  Of course, I'm only kidding about that but I really am having a bad case of lazy days of summer.

SonMarie Sunshine and the babies on the 4th!

The first batch of beets have been pickled!

I'm on a new project to re-do my dining room table and chairs...wish I could get myself started on that.  It will look fabulous--someday---but. sadly, not today.
On a sad note--

My love and prayers are with my sweet, sweet sister T.K.  She and her family have suffered a severe loss with the sudden and unexpected death of her father.  Her burden is quite heavy now because of her mother's Alzheimer's condition. 
"If He brings you to it ...He'll bring you though it"
I know you are trusting our Father now, as always.  Bless you!


  1. Well, join the crowd...the summer lazies have me putting off several projects. Including house cleaning. We've had irrigation guys, roofing guys, you name it. I just keep tracking more dirt in the house. I keep thinking, when they're gone I'll clean. I hope so!

    So sorry about T.K. and the loss of her father.


  2. Sorry to hear of your sister's loss.
    Prayers on the way.
    Sometimes the best laid plans just never get going and I guess that is ok but it make me ticked when I have plans ans I just don't feel up to doing them. The weather doesnt' help either. Oh, well.

    Good Luck!


  3. Good Morning!
    I can really relate to your post...with the sun shining...who wants to be inside working on projects! Such a dilemma. Oh, well, today it is raining in Maine...so I guess I have no excuse.

  4. Good morning Sister J...I am touched beyond words for your thoughts and prayers. I feel them and appreciate dearly your love and concern. "One day at a time" has never hit home more than this time in my life now. I wake now with nothing on my agenda but to tend to Mom's needs. God has whispered to me and told me to find the peace in my days. Thank you for ALL you have done for us in the past week. I love you and am thankful for you!!

  5. I'm so very glad that someone else is having a hard time getting moving. I can't seem to get out of my own way this summer! Case in point...it is 3:06 p.m. and I am. not. dressed. yet.

    Do you think they'll let me into the bank, grocery store, and library in my jammies?


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