Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girls just want to have fun!!!!

Well, I got my camera back! I'm sure the way I was carrying on and on about my camera, some of you might have been confused or hood-winked into thinking that I had some invaluable, artistic, professional photos on that camera.
No such luck!!!
But don't I wish!?!
However, thanks to my adoring, er...adorable daughter, SonMarie, for bringing it with her when she came to "the edge of the prairie" on business today!!
I did get pictures of Stacey's Bridal Shower at SonMarie's home. Let me just say that if you think you are a good photographer, just try to take pictures while laughing 'til there are tears in your eyes and your mouth full of scrumptious cupcake!

That's my excuse for the poor quality of some of these photos!
or maybe I was just too excited to take enough time I obviously needed to get it right! Remember me? The one with ADD who always is in a hurry? That could be the problem I suppose.

I will attempt to narrate quickly through the photos posted here.

If you are related to Stacey you will undoubtedly be intensely fascinated with these and if you are not related...too bad for you...Stacey is a wonderful person to be related to---all things being relative!!!

We hung the aprons we had received, in the mail, outside as a welcome banner!

At this point, HayBee pointedly remarked that every member of Stacey's family had been frantically trying to locate Stacey and that sister, Baby Lisa, had been left standing in Grandma's driveway!
Oh, good grief!!!

Maybe brother Z isn't doing anything and really wants to take a 45 minute drive!!!
In fact, I'm almost sure he does want to drive Baby Lisa! Sure. No problema!!

These two photos aren't good but they do show the clothesline of aprons!

As soon as we filled our plates we began to hear the whole drama of "How Stacey can't be found, Baby Lisa got left behind and it must be Mom's fault" told to us by HayBee...

and Mom, TK,----We forgot to tell her that "all abuse is heaped on the m.o.b."!

In our family, one chaotic blunder-filled mix-up is good for hours of laughs!!!

Aunt LeLe joining in on the hilarity!
We're a funny, funny family! Now you may ask
"Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar?" and I would just say...
"yes ma'am!"

Even Baby B thought it was funny!

Sister-in-law 2 B

Sister-out-law 2 B...(her description, not mine!)

After everyone arrived we moved the apron line indoors!

Aunt TAM and Sweet Momma Ruth enjoying her cuppa!!
See the aprons above their heads?

The bride 2 B and NayNie...

From Left to right: Jenna Bear's mama, Auntie MiMi, Grandma Sharon, Aunt TAM and
Sweet Momma Ruth during an emotional moment.
"Our favorite emotion is laughter through tears!"

Her self-addressed thank you cards!

"Mother-in-law 2 B" on the right...
...wonder what she is thinking??

the infamous recipe book

Baby B just being Baby B!!! It's what she does best....being adorable!!!

Modeling one of her aprons! It's retro, vintage chic!!!

The ultra glamorous apron Aunt LeLe made Stacey...Click on photo to enlarge and to be amazed!
This is the ultimate of aprons...LeLe has outdone herself, once again!

Baby Lisa made it to the party after all...We love you baby Lisa!!

Picture time!
Sweet Momma and The Girls!

The Hostesses, SonMarie and Cowgirl-n-Pearls with Stacey the Bride!
(I know this is an awful picture! It was even worse, I cut myself out of it!)

Stacey and sis-n-law 2 B!

All right, I have no idea what this is about!
Cue the music..."Sisters, Sisters there were never such adoring sister!"
(If you want to be scared, click on this to enlarge!)

Much better!

LeLe, TK and Jammie...saying goodbye!!!

And now that you've seen the photos I bet you are wondering what the big "deal-eo" was, right?

The only picture we didn't get was me sliding off the bench when one of my darling nieces forgot
"THE RULE" and stood up without warning! No harm done though...I've got all kinds of padding!!

Love you much-ly, my little chocolate covered bon-bons!!!



  1. Oh! my goodness, I enjoyed this shower with you all so much. What a happy bunch of ladies, and I love the apron banner what a neat idea.So jammie, be glad I wasn't there or there might have been some aprons in my pocket when i left. LOL Just looove aprons. Wishing the happy couple the very best life. together Thank you for sharing.

    I liked both sayings for your header, so let's see.

  2. This is me, Jammie. Beautiful Pear Tree Lane has a luscious post today on making strawberry jam/jelly...jump on over and take a gander at it!!! I thought her photos and my name made a great combo!!!
    and PS...I know!!!I was loving all the great aprons!!! Thanks for leaving a note!!!Love, jammie

  3. It looks like you all were having so much fun! What a happy day for the Bride2B! The aprons and cookbook were a really cute and practical idea! So very sweet that your daughter wanted the shower to be at her new house after only being moved in for a week! It is very apparent how much you all love one another.

  4. I almost feel like I was there. What a great celebration. Love all the aprons and the cookbook!

  5. Ok I'll try this post again...
    the computer ate my words and so I just say to it. "Get used to it, I do it all the time."

    Anyhoo... What I said was...OH! What fun we had. And SonMarie's new home is pure sunshine! And after looking at the pics of me...I STILL say..taking pictures during Round #4 is NOT FAIR!
    PBKISSES and love to ya sista!

  6. Jammie--
    You have way......too much fun.
    But that is what is great about life you can choose to have it or not and I'm with you I'd
    rather have some fun!

    Have a great one.


  7. ROTFL!! Don'tcha HATE when people forget the bench rule! Ugh. It has happened to me. Yeah... us gramma's are good for a few laughs. *snicker*

    Love Love LOVE the aprons -- so very very COOL! That is one of the neatest ideas I've heard for a shower... gonna hafta remember that.

    LOVE all the photos... especially the sisters and their googly eyes, LOL! They are so beautiful. I know you are a proud mom. :D

    Thank you for sharing the day with us. I REALLY enjoyed it! Congratulations, Stacey! :D


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