Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am what I am and it is what it is!

Down on the Farm

The following photos are "straight out of the camera" shots from my day in the country.
The Gentleman Farmer and his wife, Dr. M PhD, live a very self sufficient life. They milk, butcher, make butter and cheese, bake bread, raise garden and can produce. They love their little corner of paradise and I loved seeing it all through the eye of my camera!

Bed and breakfast??? Nope...just a little cottage in need of some TLC!!!

Chore time!

My back porch. I threw this in here just to confuse!

Quail eggs and homemade butter! ...oh, and my little pinkie!!!

Baby Spice Cake on my back porch. Rather erratic photo order, I know.

Two of my paintings that hang in their living room. All told they have 4 jamjar originals.
We trade paintings for eggs...It's a sweet deal for me!

Making bread...

Goodbye for now...but I'll be back soon!!

"Done is better than perfect!" I live by this saying these days. In the old days, I thought "if it can't be perfect, why bother?". Not anymore. I'm not sure what happened. At some point I decided that......oh this is deep and maybe you should get some muck-lucks on before I go any further......anyway, I decided that I wouldn't worry so much about what other people thought and just try to accept myself. Not worrying about others and tuning into what God was saying, turned out to be much harder than I had imagined, but it's easier to sleep at night! Maybe this is a journey everyone has to make and I'm just really late to the party. I don't really know...I only know that now that I've embarked on this exciting adventure, I can't turn back!

And I know one other thing: I'm much happier now! I have a friend that is uncomfortable with my new found freedom from inadequacy guilt. I feel very sorry but I can't go back. She'll just have to be a big girl, too, and get liberated from perfection herself!!
I can't go back, no way, no how! Not now. Not after experiencing the freedom of "what I am is good enough"!

"Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Cor. 3:17

This has nothing to do with the above photos...I just wanted you to know...

Thanks for listening and thanks for everything else my lovie dovies!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the photo's. I love the Jam Jar originals they have on their wall :) The little white house is adorable and I love the weathered barn. I have not tasted real butter since I was a kid. YUM and I think we are sharing the same journey of accepting our self.. I am trying to become who God made ME to be and actually like my self warts and all.

  2. amen!!! freedom in the Spirit is the first step
    to joy, anointing, peace, more freedom, . . .
    way to go and well done!

    instead of singing for your supper, you are
    painting for your supper!

  3. I'm not sure what the gene in a lot of women is but it is the need to be perfect. I learned a long time ago that everything can't and won't be perfect. Now I will say I still struggle with this-especially at holiday time but I'm still working on it.

    Love the pictures!


  4. Fun visit to the farm with great photos! I remember making butter but I have never had quail eggs! I think I will have to see about getting some quail! Sure would take a lot to fill one up, though! :~P

    And knowing The Truth does set us free!
    John 14:6
    John 8:32


  5. What a lovely place they have. Your paintings are so nice! If I had eggs I trade too.

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! It's always fun to see new faces!

    You have a fun blog too - my goal in life is to be more self-sufficient! I love the pictures of the farm . . . right now, I can only dream about chickens and homemade butter.

    And, you are so right, we can only be ourselves - I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, I just try to love the Lord and my family - the rest will take care of it's self.

    See you soon!


  7. And that is one beautifully manicured pinky! :-) You would shake your head in dismay if you saw the the sorry state of my nails.
    The wrap around porch on the farmhouse is marvelous!!! Wish that was my house! :-) And the old wooden barn against the blue sky-- that is a gorgeous photo!
    I really do love your iris painting! Do you ever do shows?
    I have made butter before... not on purpose you understand... I was whipping cream... and.... well... I whipped a little too long.

  8. We eat duck eggs around here. You ever see a double yoker of one of those? HUGE! With all the makings for Papa's birthday today, I will probably use more than a couple dozen. I need to get that sour cream raisin pie made, but it sure seems a little daunting.

    We use real butter on a regular basis. No trans fats. We've never made it though. I just cannot see us doing this unless/until we have our own milk cow.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. I love farm photos! I love farms! {I'm living the wrong life, but God let Laura Ingalls draw the good straw... *sigh}.

    I have had real butter and eggs from farms... and chickens... er, the fried kind that my grandma fixed for reunions... and I've even dug peanuts and taters on the farm... again, my grandma's. God rest her soul, that was a long time ago, but I'll never forget all those wonderful FARM times!

    Wait... you painted those? AWWWWWESOME! I especially love the roosters {my kitchen is rooster-themed}. BEAUTIFUL!


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