Monday, May 3, 2010

I can't believe I did this!!!

I know that you, my little sweet peas, have grown accustomed to all my little idiosyncrasies (or glaring flaws) but wait 'til you hear this.

I left my camera at my daughter's new house!!!! We were there for a bridal shower for the "Backyard Chic" chick and I walked out without it. My most valuable tool! My camera!!!! I miss that camera like I miss my youth! Hopefully, I'll be more successful at recovering my camera!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to scream, but "oh, the frustration!" I have lots and lots of lovely photos of THE BRIDE and her family and the loot she received...only I can't post them because they are on the memory card..... in the my daughter's house.

I can tell you things about the shower that I couldn't share earlier because it was "all a great big secret"!!

#1 Her mom, TK from The Sweet Seasons, had sent all the bride's friends and family a letter asking for recipes and aprons. Stacey loves aprons and wants to learn to cook!
She over-states her lack of cooking skill, I'm sure! No one could have grown up in her momma's kitchen's without picking up some skills! Her mom is a fabulous cook!!!

#2 The resulting 3-inch thick 3 ring notebook is decorated in yellow check and has "Stacey's Recipes" in script down the spine. She also got scads and scads of aprons! Vintage aprons, new aprons, hand made aprons, store bought aprons, aprons that boasted school logos and aprons that were so glamorous they could be used as wall art! (Her Aunt "Peanut Butter Kiss Kiss" made the most luxurious apron any of us had every seen!) Stacey was delighted with them all!! (and I just want to state for the record that I was not trying to sneak out with any of those aprons!!)

#3 I gave her a set of handmade Thank you cards that I had been dying to show you guys but I didn't want to give away the secret! We had everyone write their own address on the card they wanted to receive from Stacey, so her Thank You's are probably all but done by now!

I'll leave it to her mom and sisters to tell you the story of the missing bride and the stranded bride's maid at another time!!! No event ever runs according to plan in our family!!

Only 42 days 'til the wedding...and we can't wait! She will be a beautiful bride. I haven't seen an ounce of Bridezilla in her. Check out her blog at Back Yard Chic.
I am worried about her event's coordinator, though. I've heard some stories about her...wait, I'm her events coordinator...Let's all pray for both the wedding and the event's coordinator!

We received her and THE GUY's invitation in the mail last week. If I had a camera I would take a picture of the invitation and show it here. Alas, the sad, sad tale of the camera-less blogger continues...

I have to get that camera back!!! sorry...I did the screaming thing again, didn't I?

Well, that's it for now my dear little cini-minis and my sweet little sugar frosted cupcakes!!! If I don't get in my car and head 2 and 1/2 hours East, I'll surprise even myself!!!! smile, smile...wink, wink...I think I've got an idea!!!!

(3 hour later)

Well, my idea was to call a friend to go with me tomorrow to a town 2 hours east of here and take my daughter to lunch. I could then get my camera and head back to the edge of the prairie. Turns out my daughter is coming here tomorrow on business and I won't have to make the 2 hour trip. However, being the contrary person that I am, I find myself almost disappointed. I was kind of looking forward to a little road trip and lunch. Doc might be right...I might be hard to please! Yikes!!! don't tell anyone!


  1. I can totally sympathize with you. I was lost when my last camera died and had to wait to get a new one. I know I would have really kicked myself if I ever left that some place.

    Oh, your links don't go where they need to. They should look like this:

    Ah, but when a camera is not in hand... you just about get ferhoodled. :)

    Well, someone needs to use the 'puter. Hope you can get your camera soon.

  2. You can post pictures and I can't write thank-yous because the tin of cards is in the van in Oz-land!

    Cryin' in a bucket.

    You think between the 2 of us we will get this wedding gig all figured out? I like Doc's thought that if it went perfect, no one would remember it happened. Lucky for us, we have memories to spare! :)

  3. Okay "Stacey" and Auntie...even though you two have trouble (with a capital T) remembering of thank yous/little sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!....the rest of us are still doing everything to stay sane!!! You two are really more a like than I ever imagined!!!!
    On to a serious note...a funny serious note...I think that is a hilarious post and one of your best....and it had not even ONE picture in it!!! You are amazing...but it never surprises me! You can tell a story better than anyone...I don't care what your brother's say (embellishing/exaggerating/lying...whatever!!) YOU ARE A GREAT STORY TELLER!!

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous, fun day! Can't wait to see the pics, after you get the camera back!

  5. Hahahahahahaha*gasp*hahahahahaha!

    Oh my... I totally know how you feel. I had a camera die and couldn't get another for a whole year! I was beside myself... nearly went crazy without it!

    What a great idea for the thank you cards. Can't wait to see all the photos... especially the aprons. Such a creative theme for the shower!

    Like Tanya said above... regardless that you had not one single photo for this post, I was rolling on the floor holding my side by the end. LOL!

  6. Oh, my goodness. Being without my camera is like being without one of my vital organs. Luckily you'll have yours back very soon.

  7. You my friend are in camera withdrawl! After reading your post sharing the shower details. I amnow looking forward to all your pictures. My best friend is sharing wedding bliss with you. Her daughter is getting married in August and she just beams when talking about the wedding.

  8. Smiling here. This post is sooooooooo cute. I know we have never met in person but...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! Looking forward to the pics!


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