Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to my back porch!

Hi, Cupcake! Welcome to the back porch. Actually this is my back walkway but, it is almost my back porch. Today I moved the bench back outside.Right by the screen door is my essentials rack (otherwise known as my yard junk!)

I just got new yard tools today and so, of course, I had to hang them on the rack.
P B Kiss Kiss made me the garden apron and Doc wears the straw hat
when he works in his rose garden.

In the bucket I keep clothespins.

The Hobby Lobby was hopping today!

At Dollar general I found some great deals to "spring up" the kitchen. At the Hobby Lobby
I bought a new "Apron" book and a polka dot dust mop with matching dish brush (among other interesting and very, very economically priced items!!!!)
I only buy on sale at the Hobby Lobby but, then again, who doesn't?
And dare I mention, yet again, that I love polka dots?

Our daughter and son'n law have bought their first home and we'll help them move on the 24th! We are totally psyched (not psycho, but psyched) for them. They hardly ever read this blog so I feel safe in showing you pictures of items I bought for their house warming.

The green "Home" sign and the "Home" birdhouse are for SonMarie's new home.

Is it wrong to use them first in my own hallway? Probably, but I'm bad.
Really, Really Bad!

Day 2 on the Bolivian village painting and I was able to start adding detail to the roof lines...

It might not look like I made much progress today but I had a whole slew of bargains to bring home from the Hobby Lobby!

My next step was to start adding trees and grassy areas.

Tomorrow I hope to actually put tree trunks under those trees!

As we go into this special weekend I just want to say---

Thanks to Jesus I am...


Eph 1: 4-7
courtesy of Beth Moore

So that's it for today, sugar lips! Happy Easter!


  1. What a nice picture you painted. Picturesque and lovely bright colors. What a joy!

  2. Once again, we are on the SAME wavelength-guess who bought the Apron Book last week-LOVE IT!!! Your camera really does take nice pictures (even if it is "broken") AND I can't wait to be sitting on that back porch with you! I sure have some great memories of hangin out there! I remember being served a Newlywed Breakfast back there some 16 years ago, right about this timeof year!

    PBKISSES and Porch Wishes to you!

    Oh! And the painting is Magnifique!

  3. Cute tea towels! And the crock pot book will be perfect for summer, so much cooler than cooking things in the oven.

  4. That is a really really "feel good" blog today. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. OOOOHHHH I can't wait to hang out in the back yard on that porch....Let's have a apron party??? I think I'll request a PB apron (HINT HINT...I know she's listening...reading...:) Can't wait to see Sonita Maria's house...

  5. Thank you for coming by to visit my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment!
    I have been enjoying my visit to your blog - so full of color & life!


  6. Great goodies--I love dots too.
    Congrats to you kids on the new house.
    Enjoy the weekend.....



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