Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Love Baby Breath!

Last evening Doc and I took the little blanket I finished yesterday and went to "love-on" the new little grand baby of friends. Doc had seen her in the hospital but I hadn't and I was extremely anxious to get my hands on her.
As you can see, she is inexpressibly sweet and obviously beautiful.

Sweet, sweet baby girl sleeping away in the little blankie I knit for her.

(Now, I'll pull myself away from thoughts of new grand babies. Rein yourself in JamJar!)

I started a painting for Doc today.
Remember, I am not a professional and I actually have no idea what I'm doing.

(Click on photo to actually see the pencil sketch)
The pencil sketch--
I just get an idea in my head and after letting it perk a couple of days---
I grab a canvas and a pencil and make a sketch.

At this stage I lay in the colors.
I don't know if that is the right term but it's the term I use.
I lay in the approx. colors I want and where I want them.

Next I usually take a break and go to town for a coffee and I did today also.
When I came home I started putting in a little more specific shading and coloring...again
remember I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just playing around with the paint at this point.

In case you can't tell it is supposed to be a village in Bolivia.
About 5:00 I lost the sunlight coming thru the window I paint by, so I went
and rinsed my brushes.
After which the pups and I went for a walk.
It was 82 degrees and I actually complained about the heat as we walked.
The pups were panting and whining and ...oh wait, that was me.
The pups did fine but I had to pray for strength to make it home again.
(My foot still isn't as strong as I would like it to be.)
Limping can be physically exhausting!!!

I am still using my broken camera and this is a prime example of what is wrong with it.
No matter how many times I tried I couldn't get these little blossoms to stay in focus.
Don't tell me it's my fault 'cuz I refuse to believe it
I want a new camera!!!
it's not me---
it's the camera!

The Bradford Pear tree by my front door.
In a week or so the front walk will be covered with dead blossom stuff
...the smell will be, what is the technical word? oh, yes...stinky!!!!

Update: Our cute little 12 y/o appendix patient is still in the hospital. She is having difficulty with pain control. Keep her on the prayer list.

Also on the prayer list...
My BF J-- is "down in the back". I'm not sure what happened but this is day #3. I hate that she is feeling so crummy.

PS...Where does the expression "down in the back" come from, anyway?

See you later! (actually, I won't see you but you understand, right?)


  1. And what exactly does "Down in the back" mean??? Never heard that!

    Love, love, love that sweet little baby!!! And your painting is beautiful!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. the baby is so sweet! :-) And your painting is marvelous!! Do you have more of your paintings displayed in your home?
    What happened to your foot? And is that desk still keeping out of everyone's way? ;-) (Golly gee whiz I ask a lot of questions.)

  3. Down in the back means she's down in bed with back pain, I guess.
    And I had several small fractures in my left foot in Dec. I've had to wear really ugly shoes since then. thankfully, I didn't hurt my foot by banging it on that silly desk!

  4. What an adorable baby, and that blanket is simply beautiful. Your painting is beautiful too. You are very gifted and talented with your hands, I always envy people who can just sit down and draw something on a canvas.
    I will put the requests on my prayer list, as well as continued healing for you.
    Thank you for visiting me and for leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment. May you have a blessed Easter weekend.

  5. What a beautiful grand baby!!! You are so blessed. So far I have a grand dog named Samantha. I'm waiting for a grand baby...someday!


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