Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm giddy with delight!

The little flower bed out front is beginning to reward me for enduring another winter. I am always a little amazed and a whole lot thankful that I survive 'til spring!
These daffodils were planted by friends of mine one year as a surprise! What an adorable way to bless someone---plant bulbs secretly in the fall and then when spring arrives--- a miracle!

I can thank Dr. M, PhD and The Gentleman Farmer for these lovely harbingers of spring!

I'm am giddy with excitement to report that I have FINALLY finished knitting the little baby blanket. I've been working on it every evening while I watch NCIS! I must say that it isn't a minute too soon as the little bundle of joy arrived last Saturday. I hope it still fits!!!

A little tiny bit of pink tissue to "girl" it up a little !

A handmade card to personalize it up a little!


We'll deliver it tonight so we can "oh and ah and love on" that sweet baby girl!

Passover and a Prayer Request
Last year we celebrated a Christian Passover with the most delightful family. We had such fun remembering God's deliverance with them and especially with their five children, some of whom were so young that for them to sit and participate in a two hour dinner was remarkable. We read our parts and drank juice and ate bitter herbs, matzah and lamb! We'll probably never forget that night! (the whole point of Passover, after all)
Today the oldest daughter of this family had surgery and I just want to send her love and blessings as she recovers. We always say "The Lord giveth and the Dr. taketh away"! in this case it was an appendix that the Dr. took away. Good riddance and quick recovery!

What I've been eating:
Meat and salad. Both meals Monday and dinner today were meat and vegetables. I actually had a boiled egg at lunch on Monday but basically---meat and vegetables. Sunday was my 2 weeks Anniversary on Phase I and "Doc" couldn't be more excited. It is awfully hard on him when I'm on Phase 1. I'll soon move to Phase 2 but for now it is nothing but meat and vegetables. I can't get giddy enough to be more specific than that!

"If the Son set you free, surely you are free." Besides my struggles with food I am also a recovering legalist. I got tired of trying to work my way to heaven and just accepted the freedom He offers.

Thank you for grace. Lord!


  1. I'm SO GLAD our winter is over here. I have daffodils blooming FINALLY!

  2. Your blooms are just beautiful....I have jonquils (sp) and I love them. PLEASE direct me next fall (okay force me!) to get more bulbs planted....That baby blanket is so soft "looking" - get started now for Grandbaby J someday!!! What a good day you had!!!

  3. The baby blanket and card is darling!

    Are you loving the Vitamin D this week?


  4. It sounds like you are doing South Beach. You baby blanket looks very soft. And your flowers are beautiful! I finally have ONE forsythia blossom. By tomorrow the shrub should be covered! YAY!!

  5. Beautiful Blanket! Beautiful Flowers! Beautiful Pictures!

    I will be praying for your friends' daughter, I'd never heard of that happening before ;)
    Love you!

  6. Hello there, Jamjar!
    I wanted to thank you for your little visit with me today! But I am sad to say as I was reading your comment ~ ZAPP! The comment dissappeared! I have been having problems with blogger all day (nothing new, here!). So it did not get published. Who knows, it may reappear at some later time!?!
    I am loving your sweet blog ~ what a marvelous family you have. And I am chuckling at your Dr. M, PhD's husband being called *The Gentleman Farmer* ~ as that is my hubby's nickname on my blog. ( I am the Lady Farmer therefore it only stands to reason that he should be called the Gentleman Farmer.)
    Do drop by again ~ It has been a pleasure *meeting* you!

  7. Hi! It's so nice to meet you! You have a great blog. I especially like your dogs. Have a nice week! Twyla

  8. So glad you stopped by my blog and that I found yours...so niuce to meet you! I just had the most fun scrolling down your sidebar - "meeting" your family and cast of characters:) and enjoying all your pictures! How nice....

    Will surely be back...have a beautiful Wednesday!


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