Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Easter! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

On a Thursday, Satan dared to once again enter a Garden.
On a Friday, God the Son hung on a cross.
On a Saturday, He lay in a tomb.
On a Sunday...He walked out of that tomb.
Today and Forever more He reigns!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Friday I worked some on the Bolivian Village painting.

I like their braids.

Friday afternoon we picked up our bikes and tried to ride but the wind was horrendous.

That's right a purple seat...Eat your hearts out, people!

On Saturday, we waited out front for the Fool's Run to go by our house....
(see how green and tall the lawn is?)

...and there, in the Fool's run, were our friends Laurie and Roxie

...saying hi and bye

...and moving on. 3 miles is a long way to be pushed, huh, Roxie?
(Notice the little, green leaves on the trees in the background?)
I'm getting very happy!

After watching the Fool's Run run past our house,
we moved Doc's old desk out of his office.

Isn't something missing?

Oh, here they are.
The whole kit and caboodle is on it's way to SonMarie Sunshine's new house!

Some of Doc's waiting room walls that Nurse Amy painted!

Cute, ain't they?

Moving in the new desk.
Johnny Mike came home to help.
Teresa and Levi pitched in, too.
Supervising the hanging of pictures.

More supervising.

Can you see the old microscope and the wooden Dr. on top of the hutch?
The microscope is like the one Doc had as a boy --and--
I gave him the wooden Dr. the first Christmas we were dating.

"What'cha doing, Doc? Waiting for Patients? There aren't any on Saturday afternoon, silly. "

Go home and ride that new bike of yours!

Prayer update: Bookworm called today and they got their home loan. The ID fraud is straightened out so they should be able to sign soon on their home!
Praise God for blessings received!

and on that note...
Bye-Bye, Sweetie Pies! Have a Blessed Easter!


  1. Blessings abound for your family.
    Hope you had a great Easter!


  2. Happy Easter fam....We missed you today at the Easter Egg Hunt....crazy as as always...NOT as fun as it could have been with all of you. :( I absolutely love the picture you are is really amazing...well actually is is very foo foo la la diddly dee....and I'm really eyeing those bikes...if I come out can I ride the purple seat one????? please please?? And definitely making a trip to see that awesome desk in Doc's office...that is very nice and he deserves it...(camera comes in 2nd place to it!!)

  3. Hi JamJar!

    Just hopped over cuz i noticed you are following my blog.

    You write with such energy. I'm guessing you talk the same way!

    Your art is amazing! Just beautiful.

  4. Love the Easter Weekend Picture Book!

    Sorry I missed your call last evening, it was busy chaos over at Grandmas! I will graduate on the 15th at 11:00am.



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