Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring comes to the windy town on the edge of the Prairie!

Hey there, my little dandelion! What's shaking?

The trees out back are beginning to bloom and I'm just about to dance for joy!

For some unknown reason chaos is reigning on this blog site. I can't get any photo to be where I want it to be. So, since I've never been one to swim up stream, I'll just label 'em as I find 'em.

Bogey's...our local burger and shake place. My sis 'n law, TAM, and I were sitting at Bogey's when Johnny Mike was remember, Johnny Mike was adopted as an infant!

I make dirt in this here handy, dandy black box. The difference between me and God, is I can take things like leaves and grass and make dirt. God, on the other hand, made dirt out of nothing at all...
This ugly photo is of my favorite garden tool. It's my compost er and I love the "black gold" that comes out of that ugly black box and the ugly wired cage behind it, also.

This afternoon was 90 degrees and I planted lettuce, radishes and spinach in the round "well" and green onions and beets in one of the square foot raised beds.

seed packets...I love the colors and graphics on seed packets!

And finally today, I've just about finished Bolivian Village.

I'm struggling with the grass in the foreground. I can't decide whether to go with a brighter, American style lawn or stay true to the arid nature of the village ground.

So I'm going to sleep on it and in the morning when I look at it perhaps I'll know which is better!

And perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to get this blog to cooperate and the photos will stay put without dancing around all over the place!
I'm supposed to be the one dancing, after all, not the pictures!


  1. Our trees are starting to bloom too! :-) I just love this time of year!!
    Pretty soon you will have enough good things growing to make fresh from the ground salads! :-)

  2. Your yard is springing to life. It will be beautiful soon. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Your yard looks very nice. I can't wait to see the vegies start coming up. I'm not doing a garden this year, well vegies that is. Just going to do my flower pots and all. Just can't handle doing everything with my husband gone. So I'll enjoy looking at all your beautiful things.

  4. I cannot believe you have so much planted are awesome. I remember the funny story last year of mixing the dirt with Doc and getting it in your raised boxes! :) I am looking forward to some of that lettuce. Where did you get your seeds? Bolivian Village is getting better every day if that's possible!!! Love you!!

  5. Your painting is amazing. What a gift to be able to do something like that.

    I can't wait to see what comes up in your backyard.

    I'm giggling about your pictures jumping around on you...when you upload them be sure to click Center..or left or right. Sometimes it will change like yours did this time.


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