Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pix and needles...

Today I've been sewing up an apron (yes, the one I showed earlier, I'm just getting around to it!) and when it came time to do the handwork I went to my sewing box and took out my needle packet. I've scanned the actual needle packet below. If you can't tell from the scanned image, this packet looks about 45 years old. I could be off on that guess but I do know that I've had the packet for over 35 years.

When I was a child, my parents owned and operated a Gambles Store. They sold the store when I went into the 8th grade but "the store" has always been an integral part of my childhood.
One year, or perhaps many years, the Christmas Customer Gift was a packet of sewing needles. The packet was set up to look like a paint can and opened like a book to reveal sewing needles and a needle threader. I thought it was the cutest thing! I was easily impressed in my early years!
At some point, I was helping Sweet Momma clean out a drawer or cabinet (her favorite hobby) and I came across the packet and asked if I could have it. As kids we were always making sewing kits. "Sure," she said "we have hundreds of those". Well I doubt that there are hundreds of them anymore but there is at least one and I cherish this little needle packet. I really use the needles and the threader (hello, I'm blind as a bat) and I just happened to think you might enjoy this little story.

I have finally decided which camera I want to buy. Here is a scan from Sunday's paper. It is on sale and tomorrow I plan to purchase it! Yippee!!!! I can't wait to take pix again!

I'm going to be away from this blog for a little while. I going to Ozland to be with G'pa while Sweet Momma Ruth takes a little break!!! I'll have plenty of time to figure out my camera and take pix while I'm gone. So, hopefully, the next time I post I'll have pretty pictures to show you!

That's all for now, my little kumquats! I love ya more that leftover Easter candy!!!!


  1. "The mega-long zoom captures intricate details and optical image stabilization reduces blur" sound great for capturing pretties around your home!

    Growing up, I was always perplexed that GranDaddy and Gramma owned a "Gambling" store. Love the story about the sewing kit!

  2. Glad you found a camera!! :-) How nice to have this little momento of the store your parents owned. Have a great time visiting with your folks!

  3. Enjoy your trip--have fun with your new "toy."


  4. I hope you're enjoying a nice visit! When I was a little girl we made some sort of felt purse that I sewed by hand in a girl's program at church. I was so proud of it and my mother still has it. I have no clue what it was used for, but she kept it in her stocking drawer and I loved going and looking at it knowing she still kept it. I don't think she ever used it but she still has it!


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