Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am home and I have a CAMERA!!!!!

...or maybe I should say..."I have a Camera! and, by the way, I am home". Either way it sounds like a threat, huh? I am so excited to have this camera that I have already read through the first 124 pages of the 180 page manual. Note to reader: I rarely read owner's manuals but this is a special purchase. I've taken a bunch of pictures on various settings. It's a blast!!! The last few days have been extremely fun!!

Hello my little chick-a-dee!

This is Sweet Momma's and G'Pa's house in Ozland. G'Pa designed and built this house when I was in kindergarten. These pictures were taken in Vibrant Mode.
Sweet Momma went with her friends for a little get-away and G'Pa and I went out to take pictures of the cows and their baby calves.
This is my Lonesome Dove picture straight from the camera in AUTO.
I don't think this one is very crisp.
G'Pa opening the gate shot in P mode without special coloring settings.

Is there anything cuter than spring babies?

I cropped this picture of an angus hereford cross on the hereford mom. See how the hair stands out individually? I like that!

The barn that G'pa and the "boys" built. In Vibrant color setting.

G'pa's "johnny pop" tractor

The above picture was on P with vibrant setting while the one below is in Auto.

I love this picture of the new bull and the little "cowbird" sharing a meal!!!!

The Macro setting in vibrant color setting.

In P mode, macro but not with "Tunsgen" setting.

The wisteria on LeLe (my sis n law) deck. It's the first year it has really bloomed! I shot this in P mode with cloudy light setting with bright blue color setting. It seems a little yellow to me.
G'Pa's new boots...They aren't really shiny enough for him! "I really wanted some shiny alligator boots but they didn't have any".
(taken in auto in indoor setting. It's too pale and of course, the boots aren't shiny enough!!!)

On Saturday we went to a country wedding in Coffey County. Daddy and his people are from Coffey County, so I took my camera and went past the old homeplace. This is the homestead that my dad grew up on. The very last photo on this posting is of an outhouse down the road apiece at the old church. (This was taken from a quarter of a mile away with the zoom extended to it's fullest).

Cowgirl n Pearls went with us. She looks normal enough in this picture but in reality she's sitting there in a pink satin dress and gray sweat pants!

Johnny Mike was a groomsman.

The bridal couple used an old fire truck as their transportation. Here Cowgirl 'n Pearls is hitching a ride!

And finally Doc and me posing in front of the firetruck. The background conversation goes like "get over here closer" Doc "I am close" me "get closer" Doc "someone might think we like each other" "be quiet and smile" click...Cowgirl n pearls caught me in mid-sentence.

A very long blog tonight but I'm so wrapped up in taking photos and exploring my camera. I'll try to dial back the enthusiasm in the days to come!


  1. OOps, I started to write a message and I think I deleted it by mistake! Well what I had started to say is that you and Doc are cute together! And you cracked me up with your pre-picture conversation! Family weddings are always fun! Look like you had a good time hanging out with your Daddy and trying out your new camera! I didn't know they made camera's with all those special features! How cool is that!!

  2. A big Woo Hoo on the camera...those pics look really really good. I guess I'll start saving up. I love having you pave the way for everything!! Great pic of you and Doc...but you might have competition with those cute cute calves. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love all your photos!!! Love the pictures of the farm and hearing how your grandfather built everything. You look very happy with your hubby!

  4. Love the pics, love the camera! But then, I got FIRST PEEK! I feel so special. Ha!
    Love from your Sis in law, Lele(Sorry, just can't do Lezzie, it's along story)
    Wink and hugs, and PBKISSES

  5. The pictures look great. They are bright and clear. You're doing good!


  6. Hi, the camera, especially the pics, and oh, my goodness, we had the same needle packet when I was a kid!

    Looking forward to the housewarming Saturday...see you soon

  7. Ooo... a new camera! Nothing more fun than that. Mine is a point and shoot with lots of settings, but it has a manual mode that I haven't figured out. Shutter speed and such. All because I haven't read the instructions.

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