Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How 'bout some Wild Turkey?

New flag flying from front porch...love the red, white and blue!!

Now I didn't want to mislead you--but if your mind just ran to "strong spirits" that isn't my fault. What we have is really a wild turkey that seems to be "lost". On Easter morning he was spotted in the pampas grass of the neighbor's yard. It didn't take long for someone (no need to name names) to put out feed corn and water for him.

He seems to be pretty content to live out back in the pampas grass and let the kindness of strangers take care of him.
If I'm not mistaken it is illegal to hunt inside city limits....

...of course, living in our neighborhood might bore him to death, in which case we'll be frying us up some turkey!!!


  1. #1 Is that a decoy so you could practice with your new camera???????

    #2Maybe he has been in the Wild Turkey himself?? Poor guy...I know how "lost" he feels some days!

    #3 Remember when Lace saw the large bull in the front yard and said "Why is there a cow in our yard?" YIKES! I think I'd keep the turkey!!

  2. :-) What a lovely surprise! Will he be able to find his way back to where he needs to be?

  3. I have no idea...this is a first for me. We have deer, racoons, fox, oppossums...but the turkey is a newcomer.


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