Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yard work springs eternal or Spring yards are eternal work or something...

Lest anyone think I'm on top of the season...this is the scene that greets me each morning. It continues to remind me that I'm not done by a long shot. I haven't even bought any plants let alone planted them. So today's post is short 'cuz...I have work to do and this photo proves it!!!!

If I remember I'll post the "after" picture but don't hold me to memory is short and my list long!

Blog ya later, my sweet little petunias!!!


  1. I hear ya sister! As soon as I get one patch of the yard fixed, there's another waiting for me. ugh. At least it's not cold anymore!

  2. Dear Parsley,
    Amen to that...can't stand the cold and I never realize how bad it is 'til it's over. Maybe God makes it that way on purpose...d'ya think?

  3. One of my favorite places to be...Auntie J's back yard!!! A resort to be sure.... Take a after picture later and then repost this one too!! You are going to have that place up and colorful before you know it!!!

  4. oh the never ending job....thanks for stopping by to visit...hope you come back often


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