Sunday, April 11, 2010

Above the Timberline...

My latest painting is of a different style for me, which makes it exciting and difficult at the same time. When you look at it you are supposed to see the San Andres high mountains and the sun, remarkably close at 18,000 ft.

I put a mission in the composition 'cuz wherever a person goes in Bolivia, no matter how remote, there will always be a church.
Here again, my camera petered out on me. No I still haven't bought a camera but I am narrowing down the field of choices!

You can't imagine how crazy it made me trying to get the cubic bell towers even.

Doc and I have been laboring in the back yard. We sweep and sweep and turn around and find more leaves, pine needles and debris.

We paid a man to come and grind out the stump of our old apple tree. It is great to have the stump gone but I miss the fragrance of apple blossoms in the spring!

Doc-2 called yesterday!!!! We were so happy to hear from him. He remains terribly busy. He's trying to get through this year without borrowing money so he spends all his spare time(after his 12 hours in internal medicine rotation) working his job. He probably won't be able to come home this year but maybe next April! May 3 is his birthday and I'm planning a photo tribute of him for "Oh! Sweet Marmalade".

Yes, I've been riding my new bike and yes I am a little sore when I sit down but nothing I can't live with if I medicate!!! I am a maniac on that machine! It's a wonder I haven't crashed yet. They say you never forget how to ride a bike but let me tell you I forgot how to stop and get off the bike the first day I rode!

Cowgirl n pearls just called and she wants ideas for a caption for a bridal lingerie shower invite. If you have any ideas leave them in comments.


  1. The colors in your paintings just make me happy!

  2. This new painting is absolutely without a doubt one of your most beautiful and unique you've done. I love love love it. I did the oooohhhhhhhh when it popped up. I mean have stepped out of the box and I'm so impressed. I know nothing of art but whatever that style is...keep it up! :)
    You are also becoming quite the biker mama, huh??????????

  3. You area very talented painter! Those colors
    together are great!


  4. The bridal shower I was just at this past weekend was called a "Champagne and Lace" lingerie shower.
    I love your mission in the mountains picture!


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