Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Tulips are blooming and My blooming camera has finally gone home to camera heaven!

My tulips are opening up and they make a very brave show on these cold, windy days!

I'm having camera problems, big time! No new pictures to post today, but like any camera nut, I have a couple of pics from a day or two ago. I'm doing my research on PhotoShop and also on which camera I may want. I haven't decided on either yet. But as always, you, my dear sweet potatoes, will be the first to know when I've made a decision!

Today the weather was much nicer. It was warmer and the wind died down to just gale force. I cleaned house this A.M., did laundry and then played all afternoon. Doc took me out on a lunch date at Chile's (had chicken tacos, no sour cream) and we went for a bike ride in a local park.

These darling little flowers are also in my front bed but I'm clueless as to their actual name!

Oh, good grief, I almost forgot the best part...We picked up the taxes from the accountant and guess what? We don't owe any more money. You do know what that means, yes? That is correct oh wise one, money for me to spend on a camera...I'm doing my happy dance!

And since this is alphabet Thursday...and today is the letter "L"...Here's my "L"!

My dear, dear friends...with 7 "L" kiddos!

I have a very good friend who has seven (yes, I said 7!) kiddos and all of their names start with the letter "L". When I first meet this family I was hopelessly confused! I couldn't remember which "L" was which and sometime just made up "L" names like Lemonade or Lavendar! Now, however, I know which "L" is which and I love them all. So "L" is for these 7 sweetie pies and also for LOVE!

So long from the devastated, camera-less, house-Frau on the edge of the Prairie. If it wasn't for you, my blogging friends, my life would be all too sad for words! Just kidding. I enjoy being dramatic!

Blog ya later, my little chick-a-dees


  1. Love the pictures!! And yes, go shopping and buy a camera! Every good blogger needs a camera!!!! Enjoy!

  2. Your little blue flowers are muscari (grape hyacinth). :-) Very pretty! Your tulips too.

  3. Oh Miss JamJar...I love those tulips...can you maybe keep them those until June 12! HA! And aren't those little purple grape hyacinths so cute? I had a few show up too!! Congrats on your taxes!!! Camera time....I know you will do a good research and get back to we followers. I guess I better start saving. My camera fell into the ocean and so you can imagine how good it does!! ha....Can't wait to see you next week...YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! What a great pic of your BFF J's fam.....I'm with you on getting the names right...I'd just make them up too!!

  4. Well, hello--
    Somehow I have missed a few of your posts but now I'm caught up!
    Your tulips are beautiful! Our part of the world is beginning to dry out, so we were able to do a bit of yard work on this beautiful day.
    Hope you are able to find the camera you want.



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