Monday, March 8, 2010

Sure California is nice but there's no place like home...just ask Dorothy!

My friend went to the big city today to pick up her daughter arriving from California. A newlywed, married to an active serviceman. We are just pleased as punch that she will be here for a week before hubby arrives and they will then bless us with their presence for another week.

This week I'm reading.....

"Plain Pursuit" is an Amish first

The second book is from the FoxFire Series. If you aren't familiar with this series I can only say you are missing something for sure. In the 1960' a teacher and his class began recording stories, in magazine form, of the traditional folk culture of the southern Appalachians. This is the first in the book series covering everything from Hog Dressing to Moonshining. It makes for fascinating reading.

This week's verse: "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save."Zeph 3:17

I'm thankful for little coffee

I'm not a coffee snob at all. As long as it's hot I'll drink it. Add cream and sweet & low and I'll drink it "not hot"!
Just pictures of my handy, dandy little grinder that grinds those precious, precious beans for my precious, precious coffee. I have been know to talk to my coffee and believe that I might be a narcoleptic 'cause with all the sweet black potion that I drink I'm barely able to stay awake all day and almost never, ever have trouble sleeping even after drinking coffee late in the evening.

What I did just to be nice... took PB Bars to "Doc's" office to share with his wonderful staff!

What I made for supper... Chicken Curry!

This is one of my favorite "go to" meals. If this was Smell 'O Network you'd be overcome by the sweet and zesty smell of curry and onions and peppers and if this was Taste 'O Network you would be weak-kneed from the taste of this curry. I truly love this easy, one skillet dish.

(I have no measurements so just be creative and throw this together)

Brown chunks of chicken in Olive Oil
(season chicken with paprika, salt and cayenne or red pepper flakes)

When browned, remove chicken and throw in sliced onions, red peppers, green peppers, any peppers that are around. I've used banana peppers and anaheim peppers, whatever I have.
Add some garlic but don't let it burn!

Add Chicken back into skillet add a good 1-2 Tbsp of Curry seasoning, a can of stewed tomatoes, a can of broth and some raisins. How many raisins? I don't know maybe 1/2 cup.
Let stew for 15-20 minutes.

I serve this over rice with almonds on top.
No rice? Noodles or potatoes are great with it also.
No Almonds? Nevermind. Serve it naked!

Variations: Potatoes, carrots, celery can be added with peppers. A can of coconut milk can be added after the tomatoes are added. This is a great curry that really can't be ruined!

What did I eat today?

b: Zucchini bread ( just 1/2 small, small, teeny, tiny slice) and, of course, coffee
l: Salad, no drsg. and Chili
s: Chicken curry...(see above picture)
snack: orange

What's playing on my mental soundtrack: "See ya later alligator, after while crocidile"

over and out!


  1. #1 That recipe looks absolutely deliciouso!! I'm trying that one out.
    #2 The front door picture is loverly!!
    #3 Where did you find that coffee grinder? I remember you looking for one in Georgetown, CO!
    #4 I'm glad "What I Ate" is back!!
    #5 I'm so happy for Jolene that her baby is home.

  2. The front door pic is loverly, I second that! I am going to try your Chicken curry. I picked up a bottle of this seasoning a while back-I heard it was extremely good for you, cancer prevention or something. Anyway, I've used it maybe once-sooo this is perfect! Thank you.
    PB KISSES and love to you!

  3. Everything looks good! Love books on the Amish. That one looks really good! Enjoy your day!


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