Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day in the Sweet Life of "Doc"

Oops! caught "Doc" stealing a grape!

I realized I don't actually have any pix of "Doc" working so....

(This isn't really a pix of "Doc". I know because "Doc" never wears a lab coat)

Sneak a peak into Doc's life!
Sun. 12:20 a.m. --call re: upcoming delivery
1:19---call re: lab work
1:45---call from nursery
2:33---call re: fever
3: 18---wife snoring--jab her in side
4:15---"She's ready to push"
6:20---home, shower, read paper
7:45---Back to hosp. for rounds
10:38---Pick up happy family and head to church
10:45---slide into seats just in time to sing
---Answer call that comes during prayer
---Check on girl 2 rows up who appears to have fainted
---Take another call re: another delivery
12:10---"J, we have to go now, I have a delivery" (PS: J is visiting with preacher, imagine!)
12:16---Get dropped at hosp, have Johnny Mike go home and pick up truck and leave (with keys) at the curb
1:10---Head to Red Lobster (it's LobsterFest!) to join family and friends to eat a cold lunch served by a very helpful waitress named PeggySue (really)
2:30---Let JamJar drag to Sport's Show to look a RVs. "No way am I buying an RV!"
Fade to black....repeat every other day or so!

The rest of his day went pretty much the same...Oh, Sweet Marmalade! It's his calling and his ministry and he does it oh so well. He knew God wanted him to be a Dr. from the time he had typhoid at the age of 5. I've never heard him complain about getting up in the middle of the night or about missing a night's sleep. (Just to be clear, I've heard him complain alot, but not about that.) In this town, the biggest small town in Kansas, going into public with "Doc" is akin to going somewhere with Santa Claus...all the kids wave and rush to him and the parents look on smiling.
And since it's the life he loves, it's our life too, 'cuz we love "Doc"!

Oh, and speaking of Santa Claus..
"Garden of Daisies" is having a gift give away to celebrate her 100th follower. Rush over to her blog and sign up...Since I'm new to blogging, I'm not sure how to link to it but here is the address: patchofzinnias.blogspot.com For those of you who blog, you know how much fun and joy followers are. I can only imagine having 100+. So head on over and sign on as a follower and maybe you'll be one of the lucky winners of her give-aways!

I may or may not post what I eat today later...so far I have only taken a shower and downed coffee. Gotta run to town to do errands and shopping right now!

(later on)
Okay, I'm going to post what I ate today but only because I need the accountablity...
B: toast
L: Cereal w/ milk
(so far so good right?)
2:00 ---apple turn-over, oops!
S: Steak and oven potato wedges
Oh, Sweet Marmalade! thank goodness tomorrow is another day!


  1. Hang on to the food kids we're late for church! Sliiiidddee across the leather seats!

    In everyone that I have met at K-State from Salina, I've only heard amazing things about Doc! I would have to agree :)

    I think you forgot the short time spend drinking coffee out of his Teddy Bear mug!

  2. You forgot to add:
    Take call from frantic sister in law, with yet another sick PBkisses baby! HA!

    WE LOVE "DOC" and we love you too!!

  3. Wow! Must be difficult to keep up with him at times! But it seems as if you both love it! Enjoy your day. Oh, and when you want to post a ling, you click on the little "globe" in your new post box, highlight what you want to link to and then just copy and paste the link in the pop up box that comes up. It's very easy.

  4. Sorry, it's late at night. I meant post a LINK.

  5. No Jamjar, I didn't actually talk to Doc on Sunday-Just seems like I should have with how often I call. And I agree about the blessing from sharing, but c'mon, you know rewards are fun too! Ha!

  6. That Doc is ONE OF A KIND and definitely a keeper. He is the most patient and sweet man....What other man would practically "give her what she wants!" A 3 year old screaming in a car that wants to drive!!!! We love you Doc...and today is the day you get BLOG recognized!!!

  7. Check out the email I sent you: FWD: Women's Health Issues


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