Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh, Sweet Marmalade! I have a "sweets" addiction...

My BF Jolene says she is not really a coffee connoisseur but more a coffee consumer. She loves coffee. Can't start the day without it.

Johnny Mike declares ( as in "I declare") that there's no such thing as bad Bar-B-Q! He loves dry rub, wet sauce, KC style, gas station style and even drive thru fast food style. Loves, Loves, Loves it. If he were 7 years old he would marry it!
Now compare and contrast that attitude with the people who will consume only the best. They very delicately reject or only reluctantly partake, so as to be polite, any substandard offerings. They tolerate only the best, their standards are high.

"The Connoisseur"

So where do I fall between these two styles of food obsession? You're kidding, right? Of course, I'm of the school of thought that goes like this "I've never met candy I haven't liked".

Of course, this peep I like. Who wouldn't like this peep?

I don't particularly like "peeps", however, in the event that "peeps" are the only candy available, I'll eat "peeps". What if they're old, hard and dry? Yep. Not my first choice, but candy is candy. Sugar is still my favorite flavor. Some people like strawberry, some chocolate, some Sugar. Love it, can't get enough of it.

PS Makes the fact that I'm always trying not to eat it even more heroic (in my opinion, at least).

Next blog? Is this an addiction? Could I benefit from 12 steps? Why does self-control always involve denying myself of things I like? For instance, I can exert self-control over radishes, but for some reason it isn't really necessary.

"Believe me, I've tried!"

This just in from Bolivia: Car-less has a girlfriend! I don't know her name or how they met but quote she's not a nut un-quote. PS I'm expecting a call this weekend so I'll try to get the 411.

Car-less and Doc-2


  1. I know what you mean. All my favorite foods are not going to help me lose any weight! (cheese, potatoes, cookies). Why can't asparagus be the thing I need to give up ?

  2. Hooray for coffee, bbq, and a new girlfriend! Gather the gossip and then let us in on it!

  3. I love sugar...I love BBQ (not as much as Mike and Rod) but I can resist "sugar" in the pure sugar dark chocolate is a different category...THAT is my weakness! Yea Carlos ..oh sweet Carlos..he is such a sweetheart. I'm not sure there is anyone deserving of him! Darb will be heartbroken.

  4. PS what did consume today for food intake please????????????

  5. Ok, we must be on the same wave-length, I was just thinking yesterday how fun it would be to match music to blog subject. Of course, I ddn't get it done, You did! I love it! and I love candy, and bbq...and blogging!
    and love you too!

  6. Oh yeah- love Car-less too, BUT the question remains, will we love this new non-nut girlfriend???


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