Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Showers bring Flowers!

Today started out raining....

It slowed down from time to time but kept raining...

but I didn't care 'cuz the door bell rang and there stood a delivery person, in the rain, with a bouquet of flowers. "Doc"had sent me a very SPRING-LIKE flower arrangement ...

Even though it was wet and cold, suddenly my day was bright and happy. Then...

...I dropped my camera and broke it to smithereens. All of a sudden, my day turned dark and bleak. "Doc" reminded me that I had been hinting that I didn't really like my new camera that much and I might require the purchase of a different one.
After that he suggested, in the kindest possible way, that I had dropped it accidentally on purpose. Imagine my shock and surprise!
"No, I can always use my old camera!" I protested with all the martyred self pity I could muster.

...and use my old camera I did!

Here I am with my flowers!

I painfully miss my camera but hopefully I will be able to have it repaired or replaced soon!

I worked on re-copying some of my favorite recipes this afternoon. I'm doing little doodles on each page. They don't look very colorful though. I thought I might enliven with a some colored pencils or pastels.

Old camera again, doing the best it can!

What did I eat today?

L: Chili and cottage cheese
S: Steak and green salad

  • Didn't walk---it was raining
  • Had coffee with girlfriends downtown. Amazing how fast 2 hours flies by when I'm drinking coffee and laughing!
  • Car-less called from Bolivia and filled me in on his life down south. I love hearing from my family! He is going to send me a pic of his new friend. You'll see her here first!
I still haven't posted about my new bike. I hope to do that soon! Just a hint...It's made for comfort, just like me!

Wedding update: Johnny Mike and Cowgirl-n-pearls have set July 9, 2011 as THE DAY!
Yippee! I can't wait...I love them and I love a party!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sissy in Law....What a wonderful day you had!! Beautiful flowers from a great guy. And yea...I'm with Doc on the breaking thing!! :) You little stinker! Can't wait to hear about "The Adventures of Biking with Doc and Mama"....
    PS I need a Jam Jar pic for my house...put me on the list!!

  2. Hi there! You had asked me about my camera...this is a post about the camera I use the most. My other camera is a Canon Rebel Digital. My trustworthy Kodak was dropped in the last week and doesn't work anymore and I think I will have to buy myself a new one! LOVED IT. You can still find them on

  3. A little birdy told me it was your birthday... so....
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

    Btw, I LOVE Your "little doodles" as you call them. You are quite the artist!!

  4. Happy Birthday Auntie J!! All the little PBKISSERs are giving you a big SMAK right now! Hope you had a wonderful day, can you copy your recipes for me? HA-Just kidding, you have enough jobs. (To answer your ketchup and jelly question-That's the beauty of the 80/20 or 70/30 rule, No "righteousness" required!! ;)

    Love you! Have a great day!
    Raw-vid said it was your b-day, but Baby B had Dr. appt. and things were hectic. SOOOO, happy late B-day!

  5. It's your bday? Hooray! Happy Birthday. Come to my bday in April and I'll share my cake with you!

    We are so tired of rain here in Oklahoma. I'm sure you guys are too. Flowers always brighten the day though.


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