Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer request alert: Our oldest kiddo has had his ID stolen and is fighting to straighten out the mess so as to buy their first house. Please pray for them! "Soccer-head and Bookworm" have such faith and I'm sure it will stand them in good staid, now as always!

Today was absolutely, positively, unarguably gorgeous!

See how bright the sun was? Of course, if you look too closely you'll see that the windows need cleaning and the sidewalk needs sweeping but there is always another day!

I put these pix in 'cuz I hung the "spring" wreath today. I mean it isn't any certain day that I hang it...I just wait 'til I think the worst of winter is past and spring is definitely on the way and then I go to town and find a new wreath and hang it by the front door. I know I sound like a spend thrift but it just feels like the "newness" of spring calls for a new wreath!

Last fall I had some small fractures in my left foot and today was the first day that I could walk my old route without having foot pain...thank you Lord! It's only a mile now but soon I'll be back up to 2 miles every morning and then maybe even flip flops by summer! (I am grinning and giggling at the prospect!) I've been in orthopedic nightmares since Christmas, I can't wait to wear pretty shoes again. PS I have huge, ugly feet that need all the "pretty shoes" help they can get!

Today I...

...cut up the clothes I cleaned out of the closets to turn into a rag rug (idea courtesy of the new book I read this past weekend...

What did I eat today?
B: Coffee with creamer
D: 2 chicken legs stewed and lettuce salad, dry
S: Meatloaf (pioneer woman cooks recipe) and 1/2 cup green beans

This is day 9 of no processed sugar and I am feeling so much better!

My Verse today is ..." Let us, then, feel very sure that we can come before God's throne where there is Grace. There we can receive mercy and grace to help us when we need it." He 4.16
(Remember this JamJar...all you have to do is ask!)

I'm asking for a new bike and will try to post about that soon. I hope to get time to read all the lovely blogs that I follow...If I get started I can't stop and the next thing I know it's 3 hours later so I have to leave a good chunk of time for blog reading!


  1. Wow-
    I hope all goes well for your son. Not fair.
    Don't see any snow on your lawn--has it melted?
    Ours is going slowly.



  2. Saw your comment on Carrie's blog and dropped by to meet you. I'm so VERY sorry to hear about the ID theft. What is this world coming to?! I will join you in prayer that God will give you all wisdom in dealing with this.

  3. So good to read your life. Will be praying about the kids, that is not a good thing to happen. The Irish supper was great. Shaelly got the honor of being the Leprechaun for this year and has to hide a bag of gold coins for others to find. Will post pics. when you come teach me. Love the pics. you show us.

  4. Love the pic of the sun covering your home :)

    Gives me butterflies thinking about being little and FINALLY making the 3 hour trip, driving past the river, up and around the bend, and into your drive and up to the front door! I was never sure what would be happening on the other side of the front door but always sure it would be a good time!

  5. Sorry to hear about the ID theft. No processed sugar is a good thing. But those first few days are a devil.

    Pretty blog, BTW.

  6. Oh my....Let's load up and go find the culprits....Annie, get your gun....JUST KIDDING....No one messes with our BoBo....:)
    The house pic is gorgeous. Simply stunning...
    When are you coming back so we can have a "rug" party now? You NEVER cease to amaze me... Hang on to your underwear Uncle E!!!!!!!!! If I don't get a talent, I'll never get on a team!!!!!


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