Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Origin of Jam Jar and other junk

First I need your help.
Two aprons to chose from...One of these will be my next sewing project!

click on the apron to enlarge... so you can better help to decide!

Which of these apron kits do you like better? "The Connie" has a rooster and I absolutely love all things chicken however, "The Patty" is checkered and I really, really adore checks. As you can see I have quite a dilemma. So help me decide which apron to make next.

"J " is for Jammie, used to be Jam, nicked Jodi and now jamjar!

Sweet Momma made this and all my outfits on her trusty Singer portable!
She was a wonder at sewing!

Today is Alphabet Thursday and today's letter is "J". "J" just happens to be my letter. Some of you may not know why I'm JamJar so.... (click here to check out Jenny's blog!)

When little Jammie was born, Sweet Momma Ruth took one look at her and declared that she was the Joy of Sweet Momma's life so she got a "joyful" name and a middle name from her aunt whose B-day she shared. My initials were J.A.M. I loved it 'cuz I was Jam, perfect for me with my sweet tooth! I discovered early on that God had blessed me with an artist flair and I began to sign my work "jam".
Enter "Doc", The One I had been waiting impatiently for since my daddy built me a playhouse when I was 4 years old. The only catch was that if I married him I wouldn't be Jam any more. Sweet Momma pointed out, in her ever practical manner..."You might not be Jam anymore but you could be a "jam jar"because "Doc's" last name just happened to start with an "R". Thus JamJar was born and I've been signing my work jamjar ever since.
Parts of this story may or may not be true...I'm not sure that I was ever the joy of Sweet Momma's life...but there you go, I've been known to stretch the truth when telling a story!
Yours truly,

Momma sewed on a machine just like this one, sitting at the kitchen table. She still has the machine, all the parts and the case,(this however is not a picture of her's but one I found on the web).

When I was learning to sew I tried to make my brothers some GI-Joe clothes and ran the needle through my fingernail...ouch!!!!! I got better but never as good as Sweet Momma!

Anyway, Sweet Momma, made all my outfits for years and years, until I began to sew for myself. She made frilly pink dresses and such but she also made little blazers with matching bow ties for my little brothers and just scads and scads of doll and Barbie clothes. Wasn't I a lucky little Jammie?

I'm going to try to link this back to Jenny's blog for alphabet Thursday...wish me luck!

Thank you also for all the cheery b-day wishes!!! It made my day even better!

I've been adding color to my recipe doodles. They look a lot happier!

What did I eat today?
B:Coffee with lots of milk
L:steak leftovers and scrambled eggs (2)
S:and for supper...
Your guess is as good as mine, better get busy and figure that out, huh?


  1. Love the yellow checked apron! Can you put in a sweet word with TK about making a yellow apron for her 1st born daughter?

    Going to watch the game tonight?

    And, Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. I like both of the aprons. :-) Either one will be really cute!
    I'm glad you explained the jamjar name. I was curious, but didn't want to seem nosey. Your mother was a wise woman. You were an adorable baby and you were the joy of your Momma's life, no question. :-) My Mom made all of my clothes when I was little too. She sewed our dresses and play clothes and knit our sweaters.

  3. I love them both (aprons) so I am absolutely NO help. I will say that I have a sweet little plaid blazer hanging in Spiderman's (aka P-King's) closet that sounds JUST like the one you are 'splainin'! I look at it sometimes and am just amazed at Sweet Moma's seamstress abilities. Like mother, like daughter!

  4. I like the first apron best-they are both cute but...
    Somewhere I missed your birthday. The flowers from Doc are beautiful.

    Have fun!


  5. You are such a happy homemaker and I'm living through your actions!!! HA! I'm voting for the first one!! You asked!! I love the apron you made me...although "Stacey" seems to take it over some times!
    Sounds like a MAR VA LESS day!!!
    Looking forward to JULY 9th!!!


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