Thursday, March 18, 2010

Could it be Spring on the "Edge of the Prairie"?

The first laundry I've hung out this spring! Hooray for Spring and Sunshine!

"What's Johnny Mike doing anyway?"

Johnny Mike is happily cleaning the gutters!

Finishing up this set of "thank you" cards...

...and putting away the mess!

I finally finished the roses for the invites to Stacey's wedding so I'm cleaning up this mess also!

And then the sun came out ...

Can you see the little bird feather resting at the base of the crocus?

"Hey, let's go for a ride!"

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  1. Today was really gorgeous out! but I heard we're in for it this weekend. They are calling for..... get ready for it.... snow!
    Your hand painted invites are beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Hooray for working outside with Spring weather! The pics are great!

    Daisies: I agree that the hand painted invites are gorgeous!

  3. YIPPEE for the pictures of the crocus!! Thank you thank you....They are so pretty!!! You had a great day ... do people really clean gutters? I'm impressed....I think Ron and I must have the self cleaning ones....I surely have never done it ( I don't climb ladders, remember?) and I must have missed him doing it! HA!

  4. I'm back....OH Sweet Marmalade...your new page is WOWIE WOWIE WOW!!! I love it !! AHHHHHHHH so pretty pretty pretty!!

  5. Your husband is from Bolivia? Wow! Have you ever traveled there with him? I visited La Paz, Bolivia many many years ago... and then took the train over to Lake Titicaca and crossed into Peru.

  6. I LOVE your new look!! I LOVE the invites (what I can see of them (ahem)!! I LOVE the CROCUS! I LOVE the Thank yous ...and I loovee yoouuu toooo! (Sorry, soundtrack digression)
    I DO NOT LOVE SNOW ON SPRING BREAK - unless I'm skiing, which I am not!


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