Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I'm doing today...

My favorite seed catalog is Shumakers cause of the hand drawn artwork!

This red book serves as my garden diary. The "Lovely Kirsten" made this book for me several years ago. I love it...It is so beautifully and lovingly made. Writing in it makes me feel just like a character from a Jane Austin novel!

A lovely handmade book that records all my garden triumphs and also my "oh well"s. I jot down ideas and outline dreams here, also.

Oh, sweet pea! I've never learned to work without making a mess!
Yesterday, I finally turned a corner with the roses and I feel I can confidently paint roses for Stacey's wedding invites. This is my painting corner. It usually doesn't look even this neat! Imagine that!

This is what I'm reading this week...

This is what I'll do tonight while watching Curling on the Olympics....(I love Curling!)

This is what I do in a vain effort to ward off senility...

I'm also knitting a cuddly baby blanket, doing laundry, breaking up dog fights and of course, blogging.

PS...Patiently awaiting some sunshine, it doesn't even need to be warm, just sunny!

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