Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Where's the Beef?"....

When I last posted, I was planning my Oklahoma get-away, but first I had to buzz over to the Little Apple on the Big Plains to see Stacey. I wanted to show her examples of roses I have been practicing. So I buzzed over on Thurs. afternoon (I wasn't buzzed but I drove over while being totally sober and under the speed limit, Hi! Sweet Momma Ruth!).
Stacey and the " gardener" thought I was on the right track, so we went to eat. Throughout this post there will be several references to eating and a notable absence of the "What did I eat today" posting.

What was left of a Famous Dave's Feast for Five after the four of us had done our best. "Gardener" and Mike divided up the remainders for Friday's lunch.

What's your favorite sauce? Doc likes Devil Spit while I prefer Sweet and Sassy...or is it Rich and Sassy? The line between reality and sauce is often blurred.

Stacey and "the Gardener"...Aren't they cute? And this is before the food came!

Mike ordering and our waitress, Amber watching him and thinking "what's going on here, anyway?". I'm sure we had her puzzled, but she took it well and a good tip covers a multitude of annoyance.

Now, let the good times roll...OKLAHOMA here we come!

The first thing we did after getting a hotel was to go to Stockyard City to eat. The Cattlemen's Restaurant is busy on Friday nites. We got there at 5:30 and there was a 30 minute wait already. By the time we were called the wait was 1hour & 20 minutes.

Doc patiently waiting and hardly complaining at all or even pulling the pager out of his pocket and shaking it to be sure it was still working...hardly never at all!

The lanterns and sign are originals.

Right here would be the perfect place for a grand picture of a lovely rib eye or even of a T-bone but alas when our food came I got so excited that I totally forgot to take a picture of it before I devoured that poor rib eye. (And that is a fantastic run on sentence). But just let me say, it was truly a glorious steak. It was juicy and soft and I didn't put as much as a grain of salt on it. It was worth the trip.

After dinner, we went across the street to Langston's and Ed bought Boots.

On Sat. morning we went to the stockyards. There weren't any cattle but plenty of hogs. This sign cracked me up and so I had to take a pic. This pic I got but the steak I went "all the way to Oklahoma" for, of that I forgot to take a picture.

This pretty little lady was a temporary resident at the stockyard. Coming to a supermarket near you, soon!

After buying more boots, some wranglers, a belt and 2 hats (All on sale), it was time for LUNCH. I told you there were many references to food in this post.


Doc's favorite Mexican place...Chelinos in brick town. We had a "little bite" of lunch.

Whenever I'm in Oklahoma I think about Soni, since she spent 3 years in the vacinity of OKC. Soni's former room mate and her husband still live in OKC and I want to send them a shout out of blessings and cheers. They are about to expand their family and we couldn't be happier for them. Love and Kisses to you both!

Then finally we came home. I killed time on the road knitting a little baby blanket of fluffy, white yarn (I wasn't driving).

Below is a picture of the second pair of boots we bought....

What could say "happy Valentine's day to you" better than a pretty pair of PINK cowgirl boots?

That was my Valentine trip to OKC. Next time I promise to take a pic of the steak before I eat!

I "heart" you!


  1. Hip Hip Hooray....the OKC trip blog is in! :) Lace was home this weekend and we were sooooooo bored not getting to read anything on Friday/Saturday. Nothing is better than a road trip with Joyce/Ed. (Does a stop in Vail ring a bell? or a rainstorm in Marble, CO? I'm so glad you had fun and oooooooh those pink boots! Miss you!!

  2. P.S. I want to learn to make candles...come teach me. :)


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