Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Resting on my laurels....

"Bringing Her In"
I really liked the colors I used here.

"The Path"
This was painted trying to use the Bob Ross method.

"Under the Apple Tree"
I painted children again as a special request.
I haven't painted children since my own babies were little angels.

"June 18, 2009"
Prairie meets Sky. Can you see the red barn? You can click to enlarge.

"Martha's Dream" An experiment in primitive style.

When I paint for someone, I tend to meditate on that person. So if you receive a painting from me just know that I spend hours and hours thinking about you, in a way praying for you, I think about how much you mean to me and whether or not you'll like the painting. I remember our conversations and often find myself laughing out loud as I think about something hilarious that we've shared. Just wanted you to know.

Today was a non-creative day. The only thing I created was a chore list. But hey, sometimes life is about doing the chore list. I did laundry (not worth taking a photo), paid bills, bought groceries, cooked, cleaned and watched the USA vs Germany curling match. We lost.
I did have a coffee date w/ Jolene and Judy @ our downtown haunt. Two hours can go really fast with good friends and so-so coffee. (Actually, the coffee was pretty good when it was finally ready.)
Since I really didn't do anything note-worthy or photo-worthy, if you please, I decided I would post a couple of photos of paintings that I've done for gifts. The photos aren't the best but, I'm not commenting on the photo ability of the person, who shall remain nameless, who took these.

"What Did I Eat Today?"
B: Bacon
L: Beef soft taco
D: Round steak and green beans

PS...God blessed us with a lovely, sunny day. I am almost convinced that winter is over!


  1. I love Martha's Dream! I also love The Path, do you talk as you paint "here's a happy little tree. This tree needs a friend, everybody needs a friend"

    I am up for a weekend of candle crafting!

  2. I love love love your paintings!! I can just see you and Bob painting together!! Oh I think he passed away. Your days REALLY do sound fun and relaxing. Do you know what I did today? Watched one of my students sneeze and the contents of the sneeze went forth 3 feet and then he walked across the room with the leftovers dangling to fetch a kleenex. Please don't complain about coffee!! :) I love you!


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