Thursday, February 18, 2010

I took the time this A.M. to change out some of my side bar pictures and finally found a great pix of jam jars to use on my headliner. I'll post more later.


  1. I love the JamJar new headliner pic. So you!! I'm mentally gearing up to try to blog. I love reading others. (JamJar is in my top 2 ...gotta love Backyard Chic too!) I need a name....can you help? Plus, you are too kind to stick my mug on your page....I wish we had a pic of us huddling together in a soaked, dark, damp tent in the middle of absolute NO WHERE!!

  2. I like the pic of Soni and James and grandma's and grandpa's. It reminds me of Soni coaching him through a holiday with the Maddens, "If you get grandma coffee, she will love you. One cream, one sugar."

    And the pic of mom and dad, "Rod's making coffee, guess we're staying here for the night!"

    You two have too much fun!


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