Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well, I finally figured out how to add new posts! Yeah Me! It's snowing this morning and I've taken some photos of the if I can only post them!
I've finished the Jumble this morning but I'm stuck on the Suduko. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee. I decided that I would takes some pics of cards that I finished this week and went in search of a clean area that I could use as a backdrop. Not surprisingly, that was a difficult task. After contriving a halfway decent arrangement, I took the photos and decided I definitely have to clean and declutter today. Doc is off this p.m. and you know what that means...eating out! Of course, I'm still in PHRASE I so it will be salad and meat only but still I don't have to cook it myself!
Tomorrow night we have tickets to hear Sarah Palin speak at the annual Chamber of Commerce meeting. We plan to go to dinner first with friends, raise a toast to "Pam" the Birthday Girl then go to the dinner meeting. I must remember to bring my Bi-nocs (actually Opera Glasses but I rarely go to the Opera).
Projects and Plans for the upcoming week:
Start knitting new baby blanket...soft, soft white
Declutter house
Go to friends' for Super Bowl
Go to Branson,Mo with Brother #3 and his family and my parents
Find a picture for my profile page
Make more cards
Takes loads of pictures
The list is mostly fun stuff cause it's February and I if I make a list with "not fun" stuff I just might curl up into a ball and cry 'til spring.

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