Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm kind of frustrated because I can't figure out how to make my blog look the way I want it to.
I got busy and picked up the house very quickly...enough to make it at least appear "clean".
I bought 15 bandannas, 7 bright blue ones and the rest in traditional red. I plan to use these for the rehearsal dinner. Paired with candles in old canning jars, granite ware coffeepots and sunflowers the bandannas should set the stage for the Prairie Wedding that Lauren and Mike want. My problem now is where to put them (the bandannas) so that I'll be able to find them in July of 2011 and so that I'll remember that I even have them!
I was also thinking while picking-up that stuffing things out of sight is almost as good as actually cleaning.

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  1. I think this needs a pic of the canning jars, coffee pots, bandannas and maybe a sunflower or two.


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