Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will you marry me? You bet the diamond ring I will!

I'm searching my files for a picture I have of myself to add to my profile and I came across Soni's wedding pics. They made me smile. No depression at all! Thanks to that little nightly pill. I really enjoyed working on her wedding and now I'm excited about working on Lauren and Mike's. I love taking a little bit of nothing and turning it into a work of "art". Afterall, look what I've done with Doc! :)
Seriously, creating is very rewarding...I can understand why God enjoyed it so much that He did it for 6 days before HE took a break!
Here's the scope on the engagement. 2 weeks ago Mike popped the question to Lauren. Actually he propped the question in the form of a huge sign that we (Lauren's friends and family) propped up for her to see when they landed at this small rural air strip. It even made the paper since the photographer saw the sign from the road outside of town. So, Mike knelt down on one knee and Lauren said "Yes" and cried alot while the rest of us looked on smiling and clapping.
They plan to be married after Mike graduates and just before she begins her student teaching,probably in July of 2011. She'll make a great teacher by the way. Doc and I are very happy with his decision. And as I wrote before, I can't wait to start creating special things to be used in the wedding. We are already discussing the invitation design. More on that in the coming weeks I suppose.

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