Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Did I Eat Today?

Chicken Fajitas with lettuce and salsa

A new feature here will be my food diary, also known as WHAT DID I EAT TODAY?

Breakfast: 1 egg boiled and 2 strips bacon

Lunch: Salad (no drsg), cottage cheese, hamburger patty, sugar-free jello

Supper: (Known to people from the City as: Dinner) Chicken fajita, salad, salsa, celery

I've got a new program going, actually it isn't a new program but rather I'm once again beginning my favorite
old program.

Phase 1 = less than 20 carbs and around 1000 calories per day. If I go over 1000 because of
my protein, no problem. This I do for 2 weeks. Then I do Phase 2. Phase 2 = less than 60 carbs and still
around 1000 calories per day. I actually can do this program for months at a time and have done so in the
past. I hope and pray I can repeat my previous success. By the way I'm on Day 4 of Phase 1. P.s. Kids and
Doc don't like phase 1 cause I don't like to cook in phase 1. It's easier to just eat salad and meat, grilled or
roasted, with an egg here and there than to try to fix an actual meal.
Part of the program is food intake, the other part of the program is exercise (walking) which is hard in the
winter months, spiritual growth (Bible study and prayer) and learning a new skill (blogging). There is probably more to the program but I can't think of it just now. I'll try to record here each day's progress on the program.
Today I did great on food intake but exercise didn't happen. I did learn something more about blogging today but my spiritual was neglected...I prayed for friends but no Bible study today. I'll do better tomorrow but I'm really happy with my progress anyway.

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