Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunset, Monday evening.

Chili for Lunch today. I got it too hot for me but Doc liked it fine. I was truly "Hot Lips" after lunch. The KU tickets in the pic are destined to Soni and son-in-law cause Doc and I are going to OKC for Valentines Day. We plan to eat steak at Stockyard Cafe, one of my favorites! Thank you, Doc SweetiePie!
Dinner tonite is pot roast. I like to make a paste from dijon mustard and spices for all my roasted meats, including chicken, pork and beef.

My creating today was to continue practicing roses for Stacey's wedding invites..Don't worry Stacey, I'm getting better!

I'm just about ready to do my Bible Study. The babies are being good today, not like yesterday when they liked to drive me crazy. Just to let you know, "I'm the mommy, I always win!" Just ask Mike.

What did I eat today?
I already told you....Chili and Pot Roast.
Add a salad, cottage cheese and an orange and that covers it.


  1. Hooray for Valentine's Day plans!
    And not worried at all about the invites! One request (my laptop colors are not very bright so it is hard to tell) could you try to make the roses a bit more coral/salmon colored? Thanks!

  2. What a fun day of cooking you had and wowie wowie wow on "presentation" of the food!! You are the one person who can take a can of Spam and make people beg for more!! Anxiously await another exciting day in the adventures on Channel Road.


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