Monday, February 8, 2010

It was a great party but the Colts lost...I did say I wanted the Colts didn't I?

A Shout Out to Jolene...Great Party, Great Cinnamon Rolls, Great scott, I ate a lot!
I didn't promise I'd report on what I ate. It wasn't strictly Phase 1, I will tell you that.
I've posted a picture of 2 of my friends. I do have friends, no matter what you've heard.

This morning I finally got around to taking a pic of some of the things I've collected to be used as table decorations for the rehearsal dinner...

What did I eat today?
Brkft: scrambled egg
Lunch: Chicken soup
Snack: Apple and Later an orange
Dinner: Don't know yet, probably a pork chop

Lastly, my creating today has been to paint watercolor roses for "Stacey's" invites. They are coming along but I won't post until after she mails them out. It will then be a stunning surprise!

Oh! big snow, hence no snow pics of a lovely marshmallow world.

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  1. I meant to tell you that I'm reading Little House to my 2nd graders. We just finished the Christmas chapter when Mr. Edwards comes to visit and crosses the creek; my favorite chapter!


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