Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time travel on I-70

All my childhood I felt that I had been born too late. I should have been a pioneer girl! When we traveled across the vastness of Kansas, from Os-land to Denver, sweet "Momma Ruth" would read to us from the "Little House on the Prairie" books. It was impossible to get a radio station and something was needed to entertain us on the 12 hour journey to the "little pink house" of Grandma and Grandpa King. As "Momma Ruth" read, I gazed out upon the prairie and wondered what it would be like to travel by with the sound of the wind moving through the grasses. I thought about the what the world would look like without telephone poles (that dates me) or highways or fences. I wanted to be a pioneer girl! I still feel that way when we cross the Flint Hills or when we head west on I-70. I still want to live in some remote place and feel the vastness and the solitude, like Laura felt. I want to build up a homestead and work the land. It won't ever happen but I still want to be a pioneer on the prairie. I love the prairie in the summer when the sky is purple against the golden hills. I love it in the winter when the naked trees are like black lace against the sky. I love it in the spring when the hills are bright, bright green. Most of all I love the prairie because seeing the horizon, 360 degrees, and the edge of the prairie fading to a misty, pale gray where the earth meets the sky makes me feel happy, peaceful and safe.

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  1. Oh Sweet Marmalade is right! Look at you! I'm your first follower! I'm so excited...and once are learning something new. You inspire me and make me laugh always. I'm so thankful for sister in law. I love you!


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