Saturday, February 6, 2010

"All else pales in comparison" and Palin in Person!

My Valentine
Under "all else pales in comparison" can anything be cuter than this baby Doc in Minney ears?
Just a pic to make me smile! Gotta love this man!

And then...Palin in Person

Doc and I and 5998 of our close friends and neighbors had an up-close(I knew it was her from her watermelon colored jacket and hair style, so not really that close) and personal evening with Sarah Palin last night. Gov. Palin spoke to a full house and touched on many topics that we feel are important. She addressed government from the bottom up instead of from the top down, small business, health care, fighting terrorists, tax and spend policies, keeping Washington accountable to the people. We in Kansas rarely get visits from high profile candidates, even a year after their ticket loses. But I didn't lose my ticket and it was fun to go out and hear her speak in person.

This morning Lauren's mom and step, Doc and I went to visit venues for the wedding. No decisions yet. I'll keep you posted.

What did I Eat today? (yesterday)
Breakfast: 2 strips bacon
lunch: chicken / Vegetable soup
Supper: Beef Fillet Salad
Snack: Apple wholewheat crackers

What did I eat today? (so far)
Breakfast: nada slept in
Lunch: Steak and salad (do I see a pattern emerging here?)

Another day on the ya soon!

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